Young Girl Defines Open Adoption Perfectly

What is open adoption? What are the benefits of open adoption? Are there advantages of open adoption? Owen Kent created an amazing video that shows a young girl describing her relationship with her parents and birth parents.

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Hear a birth mother explain why she chose open adoption |...

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Children and young people's use of the internet : Advice for adoptive parents

This short module talks directly to adoptive parents about the specific risks their child faces online. It includes advice and top tips from experts in the field, and hears from an adoptive parent about their real life experience.

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From: CEOP

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Why adopt a child or young person?

Adoptive parents Julie and Kevin, Pep and Adam and Mike and Nicky talk about why they adopted with Northamptonshire County Council and the adoption process. Also hear from Amy who was adopted by Julie and Kevin

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From: Northamptonshire Adoption and Fostering

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Young Florida Couple Excited to Be First-time Parents Through Adoption!

Brandon and Megan are an active, young couple excited to become first-time parents through adoption! They look forward to providing your child with unconditional love, education, stability, and support. Brandon and Megan share, "We are committed to continual contact through pictures, letters, and annual visits if you’d like!" You can learn more on their adoption website,

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From: LifetimeAdoption

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Giamanco Adoptive Parent Picture Profile

Picture profile of Young Christian Family looking for open adoption. We live in San Diego, CA and are working with Adoption Center of San Diego.

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From: Joseph Giamanco

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Bird Adoption in NZ

This young Thrush just flew in and has now adopted us as its parents.

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From: MsCococanal

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The Adoption Option

Statistics on unplanned pregnancies show that 49% single parent, 49% abort, and only 2% end in adoption. If young women could see firsthand how open adoption works, they likely would consider the adoption option. This video may help.

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From: Beth Hughes

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We Never Outgrow the Need for Family—Just Ask Us: Talking With Older Youth About Adoption

A version of this video with audio description can be accessed at

As part of this year's National Adoption Month initiative, the Children's Bureau, in collaboration with Child Welfare Information Gateway and AdoptUSKids, hosted a webinar in line with this year's theme, "We Never Outgrow the Need for Family—Just Ask Us," about how to begin and continue conversations with older youth about adoption. This webinar featured a panel discussion with two young adults...

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From: usgovACF

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Girl learns her foster family is adopting her

A young student finds out that her foster parents officially adopted her and her siblings.

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The experience of adoption with Adoption Center of Illinois at Family Resource Center

Family Resource Centers an Illinois licensed adoption agency created this video in association with its 20th anniversary. In it we speak with adoptive parents, young people who were adopted and birth parents. FRC and the Adoption Center of Illinois take an approach that respects people's right to manage their own lives. We do not tell people what they should be thinking or what they should feel. In this video you will see people talking about their lives without a script - in their own...

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From: northravenswood

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