Russia's Putin backs US adoption ban

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that a draft bill banning US adoptions of Russian children is a legitimate response to a new US law that calls for sanctions on Russians deemed to be human rights violators. But he has not committed to signing it. At his annual marathon news conference on Thursday he said that the measure, which has received preliminary approval in parliament, is also a response to an alleged US failure to protect the rights of adopted Russian children. Many...

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Russian adoption law

Sarah White and her family joins Brian to discuss the anti-US adoption bill that prevents American families from adopting Russian children.

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The 7th Year - Post Adoption

The year 2014 in review. As you can see, Aaron and Elena are growing fast and staying active, keeping our family quite busy. The 7th year - post adoption was full of firsts, including horseback riding and visiting the ocean. We look forward to another fun-filled year. See you in 2015! If you enjoyed this video, please "like" it and watch and "like" our other video updates, as well as "Aaron's Russian Adoption Story" and "Elena's Russian Adoption Story."

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Mom Sends Adopted Russian Demon Child Back to Russia

Mom Sends Adopted Russian Demon Child Back to Russia

The Young Turks reported this story as an American mother getting fed up with an adopted Russian child and just sending it back to Russia.

I go over the details, and anyone with a brain will agree, the mother did the right thing. Furthermore, the young turks should be ashamed of themselves of half reporting this story and insulting the mother. It is the liberal way of reporting a story. This is a prime...

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Russian Blue cat playing - UP FOR ADOPTION - HYPOALLERGENIC

Shelby a 2 year old Russian Blue cat needs a forever home. Contact eleventh hour rescue in Randolph nj. Russian Blue cats are one of the few breeds that are considered "hypoallergenic," or produce fewer allergens than others.

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Child Adoption (Life News)

Couple from Canada was forbidden

from adopting Russian orphan.

Special report from Toronto for LifeNews, Russian TV channel.

Cameraman: Sergey Karpov

Reporter: Ira Fertman

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Return to sender

A Russian boy who had been adopted a year ago was returned today back to Moscow, he was found alone without an adult and a note with him. The letter said that the boy came to them with mental illnesses and that the Russian adoption agency did not tell them. This is one of many recent adoption tragedies involving Russian children and their adoptive parents.

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Russian Adoption: Forever Friends

Photos of our daughter and friend, both adopted from Far East Russia.

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초보집사의 러시안 블루 입양기 Russian blue baby adoption

10월4일생 러시안블루 아기입니다

앞으로도 고양이영상 자주 업로드할 생각입니다

좋아요 구독 한번씩 부탁합니다

재미있게 시청해주세요

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Russian Adoption Scandal Shocks US Parents

After an American mother sent her 7-year-old adopted son back to Russia, Moscow said it was suspending adoptions to US families. A high level delegation from the U.S. State Department is scheduled to meet with Russian officials in Moscow on April 29 and 30. The officials will talk about how to better protect children and all parties involved in international adoptions. For the moment though, many American families who have applied to adopt a Russian child worry about whether their adoption...

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Rescuing Russia's Orphans: The Russian Orphan Lighthouse Project

Support Russian adoption! The Russian Lighthouse Orphan Project helps older orphans find their adoptive families. We bring Americans to Russia for fun-filled, five-day visits with adoptable orphans. Families meeting children have the option of adopting though our program, which began in 1998 and is associated with an accredited agency. To donate or for more information, visit

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Arie's Russian Adoption

My husband and I adopted our first child from Russia in 2012. We took three trips to Moscow and finally brought him home in November 2012! He was 2 1/2 years old. (The baby pictures were given to us by a nanny at the orphanage.) See more of our journey at

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Check also :

The Truth About My Brothers Adoption

Hey Guys! Here is my brothers adoption story. I wanted to discuss adoption and the problems, surprises, and misconceptions that people have. I love my brother so much, and am very excited to share his Russian adoption story with you all.

Leave any questions that you may have in the comments below and ill be happy to answer them for you!





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Regional Input (continued), Discussion, Adoption of the Draft Outcomes and the Report - Russian

14:00-15:30 Agenda item 8: Regional input to outcomes of the third session of the United Nations Environment Assembly (2017) (continued)

15:30-16:15 Agenda item 9: Discussion regarding institutional arrangements for the Forum of Ministers and Environment Authorities of Asia Pacific

16:15-16:45 Agenda item 10: Adoption of the draft outcomes of the second Forum of Ministers and Environment Authorities of Asia Pacific

16:45-17:15 Agenda item 11: Adoption of the report of the senior officials of...

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Our Russian Adoption Journey

We travel to Far Eastern Russia to adopt a little boy...but learn he has an older sister. So we return to bring them both home. Ongoing stories can be found in my BLOG at .

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Russia's Adoption Ban Two Years Later

It was exactly two years ago that Vladimir Putin signed a bill that became known as the Dima Yakovlev Law that includes an article that prohibits American families from adopting children from Russia. Forty-six Russian children whose adoption by American parents was nearly completed were blocked from leaving the country. RTVi's report about Aaron and Jenny Moyer and their prospective adoptive son Vitaly, shows the despicable and devastating effect of this entanglement of orphaned children in...

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Ukrainian adoption, Russian adoption: UkrainianConnections com

Want to adopt a beautiful child? Ukrainian Connections is a company managed by US and Ukrainian staff. We will help you adopt a wonderful young child. Contact us today and get $500 discount on services:

You receive all services starting from Dossier preparation to all help in Ukraine - transfers, translations, help in court and all institutions. We provide an all inclusive service in Ukrainian adoption. A US manager will be with you on...

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Russian Adoption-Krinke Family

Visit our new blog at

Our family's experience adopting from Russia. We traveled to Tver, Russia 3 times to complete our adoption between August and October, 2012. Start to finish our adoption took just over a year.

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The Kids Are Not Alright: A Russian Adoption Story

Adoptive mother of Russian daughter shares experience with Reactive Attachment Disorder. Visit my web site at: Order my book, "Rescuing Julia Twice" on at:

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Russian-New Zealand Adoptee Aleisha Snell talks with Alex on her search for her Birth Parents

Alex sat down with Russian-New Zealand Adoptee Aleisha Snell to talk about her search for her Birth Family in Russia to eventually meeting them in 2016 for the first time. Throughout her life she only had their names on paper but was always curious to know who they were. After some help from a Russian friend who firstly reached out to her at her work she eventually found some information on them.

I'm Adopted is a Online Social Media Project that was started in 2015 by Russian-Kiwi Adoptee...

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Russian adoption ban to affect ABQ families

Russian adoption ban to affect ABQ families

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From: KRQE

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Russian adoptions up in the air

Russian adoptions are up in the air due to politics between countries.

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From: kxan

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Family Navigates Russian Adoption Ban

A Corvallis family finds themselves stuck in the middle of the Russian adoption ban, which banned Americans from adopting Russian children. The Vails share their journey as they navigate international politics in attempt to bring their baby home.

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Russia to ban US adoption

Russian and American authorities have launched investigations into the horrific death of an adopted child. Some in the Russian government have proposed a ban, not allowing any Russian children to be adopted by US parents. There are sixty thousand adopted Russian children in the United States currently.

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From: RT America

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Russians Protest New Law Banning American Adoptions

Thousands of Russians gathered on Sunday to protest the newly passed Russian law that bans Americans from adopting Russian orphans.

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From: Newsy World

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Russian Influence on US Elections Renews Attention to Russian Adoption Ban

The investigation into Russian influence on the US elections has renewed attention to the Russian ban on US adoptions, a response to American sanctions about five years ago. Donald Trump Jr. said that was the topic when he met with a Russian lawyer during his father's election campaign. As Svetlana Prudovskaya of VOA's Russian service reports, the adoption ban has affected families and children in both countries.

Originally published at -...

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From: VOA News

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Russian Adoption Video

Video showing about the adoption of a Russian boy. Set to music. Very heartwarming!

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From: AustinCBeeman

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Laura Ingraham talks with Tina Traster about Russian Adoption

Radio show host Laura Ingraham, an adoptive mother of two Russian children, interviews author Tina Traster about the ban on Russian adoption, Reactive Attachment Disorder, and Traster's forthcoming memoir, "Rescuing Julia Twice."

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From: Tina Traster

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Russian Adoption

our russia adoption journey

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From: lynn ortis

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Russian adoption

Russian adoption

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From: tseaman777

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