Favorite Foster And Adoption Books For Kids

Our list of foster and adoption books.

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Tucson's foster care shortage has more kids than homes

Tucson's foster care shortage has more kids than homes

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Foster-mentor program helps hundreds of kids in Phoenix

The program aims to help Arizona’s foster kids stay out of trouble.

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Stats show numbers keep rising for NC kids in foster care

Stats show numbers keep rising for NC kids in foster care

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Treehouse Doors of Opportunity

Treehouse helps foster kids have a childhood and a future.

Find out more here: treehouseforkids.org

Video by Spin Creative: www.spincreativegroup.com

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Opioid crisis strains KC foster care system

The opioid epidemic is adding to the increasing number of kids in foster care each year.More than 6,500 kids on both sides of the state line in the Kansas City metro are in the system, with thousands less licensed foster homes.

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Jodie Foster at Mending Kids International Four Kings And...

Jodie Foster at Mending Kids International Four Kings And An Ace Celebrity Poker Tournament on 12/1/12 in Los Angeles, CA

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Delayed State Budget Impacting Foster Care

The delayed budget is causing a problem for kids across the state. When foster kids turn 18 state help stops and often those young people are unprepared for being on their own.

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How One Woman Is Helping Grant Foster Kids’ Wishes

One Simple Wish works to grant wishes for the kids who need it most. Find out why.

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Dustup in California Highlights the Plight of Kids in Foster Care

A judge rules kids in foster care cant be discriminated against after a football team is penalized because of one of its players.

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Foster Parent FAQ: Are there kids available for adoption?

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Raynard Price "Ask A Foster Parent Anything" - Prison

The Ups and Downs of Foster Care

Hear me roar! The Independent Living Program is a huge joke and nightmare! Counties and those who run them will claim it is successful. The only successful Independent Living Program for most foster youth is prison. There are many promises in foster care that are never kept. I have first hand knolwedge that this program is a waste of millions and millions of dollars. The answer is simple. Keep kids in care longer. Support adoption of teens longer. Have...

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Foster Kids 2009

Pictures of children in Christian foster homes supported by Mulberry International.

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Jodie Foster at LS (2007-09-10)

Jodie Foster talking about travelling with her kids and promoting her movie The Brave One.

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Foster kids runaway

Foster kid fights back east Oakland in Seattle

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"Suitcases 4 Kids" aims to give foster kids their own bags

Foster kids usually only have a garbage bag or a grocery sack to use to carry around their belongings.

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Foster Kids Book Drive for the kids of Utah Foster Care!

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Foster Kids are Kids

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Helping Foster Kids

This is a video about Foster Kids, we need you to help them.

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Florida Millionaire Opens Home To Displaced Foster Kids

Dozens of foster kids displaced by Irma are living the good life for now.

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Banana Foster Kids 11/20/16

Banana Foster Kids perform at Finest City Improv in San Diego, CA on 11/20/16

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About Foster Kids Charity

Here is information about Foster Kids Charity, founded by Michelle Armour. Like our facebook page for more information!

Official Website: http://www.fosterkidscharity.org/

Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Foster-Kids-Charity-Inc/133110056764199

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Group Packs Suitcases For Foster Kids

Donations help pack bags for foster kids know they matter, too. Lisa Sigell reports.

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Foster Kids Fund Overiew

A description of how Foster Kids Funds helps Foster Kids.

Children placed in foster care through no fault of their own,

should not be denied the special joys of childhood.

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From: Foster Kids Fund

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