IAMUWM: Marande Buck

Mirande Buck works full time as a foster care licensing specialist. She just received her master's degree in social work.

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From: UW-Milwaukee

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Meet The Staff Serving Greater Nebraska

Intensive In-Home Clinician Missy Lile, Intensive In-Home Supervisor Cassandra Dittmer, Foster Care Specialist Lisa Ahmann and Licensing Specialist Liz Bonney-Heermann discuss what made them want to help children and families and what they love about working at KVC. If you would like to join our team, visit www.kvc.org/careers.

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From: KVC Nebraska

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Suggested Foster Care Training Videos

This is a list compiled by Kea Theroux, LMSW former CASA and Adoption Specialist at DHS. I recommend these videos for anyone training to be a CASA, foster .

Christian children in the UK are now being forced into Muslim foster care homes under the guise of diversity with the true intent being destruction of the West .

In Episode 2 of A Fostered Life, I give a brief overview of the steps my husband and I took to become licensed foster parents. Are you a foster parent? How did .


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From: Vincent Matthews

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