Saving for an Out-of-State Adoption

Hey Guys! Did you know that there is little to no cost associated with Adopting from the U.S. Foster Care System? At most, it should cost approximately $3,000. We are currently saving up for our Adoption Expenses (court costs, attorney's fees and the cost of our home study).

Our GoFundMe Campaign ...

We are still seeking information regarding Federal Subsidies for "Special Needs" Foster Children and will have to discuss that with the child's...

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Adoption & Foster Update

Hey guys!

Today's video is an update on our Adoption & Foster situation. We were approved for Foster/Adoption at the end of September 2017 and will be inquiring about children between the ages of 14 and 17 years old that are legally free for adoption.

We still have to save up $2,500 to cover the cost of the attorney's fees, home study fees and the court costs for the actual adoption.

We are looking forward to adding a new member to our family, please know that we cannot share any videos,...

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The Adoption Journey

The Adoption Exchange is reinventing the adoption process — creating a world where every waiting child finds a permanent family. Through rigorous collaboration with state, federal and other relevant agencies, we focus on innovative child-specific strategies that provide vibrant pre- and post-adoption services that speed waiting children to caring and loving relationships that last. The lifetime societal costs for every youth who leaves the foster care system without a permanent family is more...

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