Family Resource Center's Adoption Community Family Album

This video contains pictures of the families that our Adoption Agency - Family Resource Center - has worked with over the years.

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puppies for adoption - free dogs for adoption collection of pictures | free dogs for adoption

puppies for adoption - red nose pitbull puppies for adoption.

Join us on February 25th from 11:00 am - 2:00 PM for Bertera's Adoption Day! We've partnered with The Simon Foundation, a non-kill shelter, to bring the pets to you! Meet with some animals and who knows, you may even take one home!

The Simon Foundation is always looking for new volunteers and donations.

Every homeless pet deserves a loving home. Whether you prefer cats, dogs, youngsters or seniors, we have the perfect pet for...

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My Webkinz Signature Golden Retriever, Baby Cakes! *Adoption Pictures Included*

This is my Webkinz Signature Golden Retriever, Baby Cakes! The adoption pictures are included in the video.

~ webkinz1418

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An orphan baby monkey adopted by a cat

Sexy Picture everyday - facebook:

Funny Pictures everyday - facebook:

An orphan baby monkey adopted by a cat

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I'm Adopted!

Most kids are born into families. But lots of kids are ADOPTED into families, and they come from all over!

This KidTime StoryTime is full of pictures of real-life adopted kids and their families...

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Top Ten Adoptable Children of Skyrim

I don't own the pictures or music in this video. These are my picks for the best children to adopt in Skyrim. You can only adopt children with the Hearthfire DLC installed.

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Choices Adoption Event

VICTORIA -- There are close to three hundred children looking to be adopted on Vancouver Island, and Choices Adoption Agency and the Ministry of Children and Families are partnering up to make it happen.

Today they held their annual connect meeting with screened prospective parents and case workers. The event allows those interested in adopting to see pictures and video of children in need of permanent homes, instead of just looking at their file on paper.

Over the past three years...

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Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption in pictures

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Rocky Point Animal Adoption Center

I own only the pictures of the stray dogs. The ones with names that come after the picture of the adoption center belong to

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Our China Adoption travel video

A collection of pictures from our time in China for the adoption of our daughter (April 2013)

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Arie's Russian Adoption

My husband and I adopted our first child from Russia in 2012. We took three trips to Moscow and finally brought him home in November 2012! He was 2 1/2 years old. (The baby pictures were given to us by a nanny at the orphanage.) See more of our journey at

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Delco SPCA Engagement!

The first engagement to happen at our Adoption Center! Will and Lauren are rescue advocates/volunteers and help transport dogs from ACCT in Philadelphia, where they adopted their dog, Oakley, pictured, to our Center to be placed up for adoption. Their initial connection was about rescue dogs, so it only made sense to pop the question as at a rescue facility!

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Adoption Birth at the little children's home, Philippines

the little children‘s home in Taytay, Rizal/Philippines is committed to providing a loving and nurturing home for children in crisis, advocating for their needs to ensure that every child has a forever family.

Since 1991, several hundreds of children have experienced tender loving care through the motherly hands of experienced caregivers. More than 300 children have since been placed with their forever families.

HELP International Ministries work together with the government and adoption...

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Nightcloud Stables: Boarding and Adoption Center

This is an electronic stable made by me (duhh). You can board horses here (just send me the pictures) and adopt the horses that are up for adoption. If you have any ideas on how to make it better, pm me please!!

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International Adoption PSA

This is for my english Porject. None of these videos and pictures belong to me

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The Story of Taiwan Xi En

The story of how Taiwan Xi En (an orphanage, adoption agency, and crisis pregnancy center in Kaohsiung, Taiwan) got started up.

In December 2012, the Taiwanese government changed legislation for international adoption agencies. Money needs to be raised in order for TXE to be able to obtain a license to process adoptions. If you are interested in supporting this organization find out more at:

Check out the extended version of this video here:...

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Children of Dreams Book-Vietnamese Adoption

Journey with me to Vietnam as I adopt my daughter, Joy.

Visit for articles, pictures, and much more.

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Foster Kitten ready for adoption - Noodle - 2

Check the pictures of Noodle here:

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Florida Pointer Rescue English Pointer "Shady" Available for adoption

Shady is a 2 yr old beautiful male English pointer available for adoption. Shady gets along great with other dogs and loves people. Located in New Smyrna Beach FL.

Unless noted otherwise all of Florida Pointer Rescue dogs are fostered in private homes and are temperament tested and socialized with other dogs and people. They are all fully vetted, spayed neutered, current on all shots, on heartworm and flea preventive and heartworm tested. Most are crate trained. The adoptable dog's profiles...

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Our Uganda Adoption Story in Pictures

#onemorewhittum in pictures

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From: Jeff Whittum

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Giamanco Adoptive Parent Picture Profile

Picture profile of Young Christian Family looking for open adoption. We live in San Diego, CA and are working with Adoption Center of San Diego.

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From: Joseph Giamanco

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Adoption Pictures 2016

The adoption took time. The LOVE arrived instantly.

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From: Julio C Torres

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Adoption Love: Adoption "Maternity" Pictures

We had a friend take some adoption "maternity" pictures for us. We are paper pregnant after all! Love how they turned out.

visit our blog:

or our adoption agency:

You can also call Adoption Answer at 1-877-357-1177

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From: Arrows&Applesauce

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These pictures some of the pictures on our adoption profile. They were taken by a friend of mine from high school! I absolutely LOVE how they turned out!! I TOTALLY recommend her to anyone and everyone : ) Thanks, Ashley!!

Music: Tyler Ward Music

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From: OurAdoptionOption

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Petite Paws Recent Adoption Pictures

Pictures of some of our recent adoptions. Music is by Bryan Harrell, My Forever Home - A Rare Breed of Love Album. Used with permission.

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From: PetitePawsRescue

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