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Foster Care for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

The Foster Care program for individuals with developmental disabilities is for children in foster care, ages 0 to 18 years, who have been diagnosed with a developmental disability. Developmental disabilities are characterized as having one or a component of the four primary disabilities: Intellectual Disability, Epilepsy, Autism or...

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Weighing the Cost of Foster Care Adoption - Bethany

Q&A with Jamie Maatman, Foster Care Adoption Supervisor,� Bethany Christian Services of Michigan, Holland

Expense is often a barrier for families that want to adopt. While foster care adoption may be a "low-cost" option, Jamie Maatman encourages families to weigh other factors beyond cost.

Is it true that there's NO cost to adopt from foster care?

In Michigan, families who wish to adopt through...

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Learning Center - Child Welfare Information Gateway

The National Foster Care & Adoption Directory offers adoption and foster care resources by State.

*Select a State (Required)

*Select Category(s) of Information (Required) ��� More about these categories

Foster Care and Adoption Education and Training Organizations - Includes State organizations that provide publications, online learning tools, discussion groups, workshops, as well as other...

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DCS: Foster Parent FAQs - Indiana -

Foster Parent FAQs

What is foster care?�

Providing a safe, nurturing, stable, and temporary environment for children who can no longer remain in their own homes due to the risk of abuse or neglect.� This care is given with the intention of helping children safely reunify with their families.�

Who is a foster child?�

Foster children come from diverse ethnic and cultural populations, and...

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AASK - Kinship - AASK - Arizona Foster Care, Adoption ...

Having a child in foster care dropped off at your door can be overwhelming.

Aid to Adoption of Special Kids (AASK) understands what kinship caregivers go through because we have helped hundreds of families navigate Arizona's foster care system. Assigned dedicated kinship family specialists offer individualized support for those caring for a child placed in their home by the...

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Foster-to-Adopt - Connecting Hearts VA

28% are under age 5

51% are age 13 or older

**Source-Virginia Department of Social Services, Foster Care Related Reports

Different Types of Parents

Foster Parents are specially trained to provide care, nurturing, and loving homes to children in foster care. The children may be placed in these homes from several days to a few years, while their birth parents attempt to meet the legal requirements...

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Refer a Child & Learn About Foster Care | Eliada

Refer a Child & Learn About Foster Care


To admit a child or adolescent to our Family Foster Care or Therapeutic Foster Care program, please contact our Intake Coordinator at (828) 254-5356 x307

Become a Foster Parent

Interested in learning more about becoming a foster parent?� Fill out this interest form, and one of our Licensing Specialists will be in touch!

Click here for the interest form! Or you can reach out to our Foster Parent Recruiters at .

Info sessions on becoming a Foster Parent will be held the first Thursday of every month in the Compton House.� Please call 828-254-5356...

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Getting started - AdoptUSKids

For professionals

Getting started

Educating yourself, contacting an agency, and attending an orientation meeting are the first steps toward adopting and/or fostering

Although it costs little (if anything) to adopt from foster care, the process of becoming an adoptive or foster parent can be time consuming and requires persistence. On average, it takes from four to twelve months to complete the...

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FOSTER CARE - Child and Family Services of New Hampshire

Some steps to becoming a foster parent:

Home study

A 21 hour training course, Granite State College foster parent training

Home health and fire inspection

Medical Information forms for each family member in your home

Criminal records check including fingerprinting

Central Registry check

To inquire about becoming a foster parent, call Child and Family Services' Katie Cassidy, or email

This email...

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Child & Family Services

Child & Family Services

Child & Family Services Division

The Child and Family Services Division (CFSD) is a part of the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services.

Mission Statement

Keeping Children Safe and Families Strong

Statement of Purpose

To protect children who have been or are at substantial risk of abuse, neglect or abandonment. We strive to assure that all children have a...

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How to Be Foster Parents in Indiana - Living The Bump

Over 9,000 children are in the Indiana foster care system, according to the AdoptUSKids website. While many of these children are available for adoption, others are in limbo while waiting for reunification with their biological families after removal for abandonment, abuse or neglect. Regardless of the child's current situation, each of these children in foster care needs a foster parent to care...

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Resources for Foster/Kinship/Adoptive Families - AHCCCS

Resources for Foster/Kinship/Adoptive Families

AHCCCS is committed to providing comprehensive, quality health care for children in foster/kinship/adoptive care. Foster children are eligible for medical and dental care, inpatient, outpatient, behavioral health, and other services through the Comprehensive Medical and Dental Program (CMDP) and the Regional Behavioral Health Authorities (RBHAs) or...

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Relatives of abused kids eligible for pay as foster ...

Hundreds of Kentucky grandparents and other relatives who are caring for a child who has been abused or neglected can now receive monthly foster care payments thanks to a federal court ruling, state officials announced Tuesday.

In October 2017, the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Kentucky must treat relatives who serve as foster parents the same as adults who serve as licensed foster...

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Date: 2018-03-22 08:04:01

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How to Adopt a Child in Ohio | OH Adoption Process

Are you considering adopting a child in Ohio? Here's everything you'll need to know about how to adopt in Ohio:

1. Is Ohio Adoption the Right Option for Your Family?

The first step is to decide if adoption is the right way to grow your family. Adoption has its own set of difficulties and benefits that are different from any other family-building method.

Before beginning the process of adopting a...

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Indiana Foster Care and Adoption – AdoptUSKids

Foster and adoption licensing requirements

Foster parent requirements:

Complete licensing packet issued by your county of residence

Complete 10 hours of training

Do criminal background checks and CPS checks as required by the state of Indiana

Complete homestudy process with the county or agency that is working with you

Adoptive parent requirements:

Complete application packet issued by the county or agency with whom you are working

Complete 16 hours of training, do criminal background checks and CPS checks as required by the state of Indiana

Complete homestudy process with the county or agency that is working with...

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Parent Services Home - Child Care Resource and Referral ...

License-Exempt Child Care Centers are also recognized by Illinois, such as those serving children 3 years and older and operated by public or private elementary or secondary schools, faith based organizations, institutions of higher education of other accredited schools registered with the Illinois State Board of Education. Since these settings are not licensed they are not held to standards for...

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Therapeutic Foster Care

How long does it take to become a licensed therapeutic foster parent?

It is our goal to have families licensed within 90 days of their first visit with an MHC specialist. Following your initial phone screening and home visit, we will get you into training, and assist you in becoming licensed through the North Carolina Division of Social Services. We provide your training and assist with...

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California State Adoption Assistance Program

California State Adoption Assistance Program

Updated July 2016

Below you can find information about the adoption assistance benefits that may be available to families who adopt children from foster care in California. Adoption subsidy policies and practices are, for the most part, dependent on the state where the child was in foster care before the adoption.

State Contact

Children and Family...

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How to Assess the Reputation of Licensed, Private Adoption ...

How to Assess the Reputation of Licensed, Private Adoption Agencies

How to Assess the Reputation of Licensed, Private Adoption Agencies

Follow these Steps to email a friend or colleague a link to this information.

How to Assess the Reputation of Licensed, Private Adoption Agencies

Year Published:�2004

Because there are more than 1,700 licensed private...

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Become a KVC Foster Parent - KVC Kansas

You can change a child's life by becoming a foster parent! Fostering provides a child who has experienced abuse or neglect with a safe, loving environment. On top of this, it gives you the opportunity to show a child the love and care they deserve while growing emotionally, mentally and spiritually as you teach life skills and give support.

If you're considering becoming a foster parent, KVC...

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Adoption Laws | National Adoption Center

The first legal step in adoption is the termination of the parental rights of a child's birthparents. The final step is the finalization of adoption in court, making you your child's permanent, legal parents. Along the way, there are many points where adoption laws will have an effect on your child's adoption.�

Termination of Parental Rights (TPR)

This is a legal process involving a court...

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State of Oregon: Foster Care - How to Become a Foster Parent

Mandatory Reporting

Still have questions? Request more information by doing one of the following:

Contact your local DHS Child Welfare office . Request to speak with a certification staff to gather more information.

Call 1-800-331-0503. A foster care specialist will answer your initial questions and give you the contact name of a DHS contact in your county.

Would you like information sent to...

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About DCF - Connecticut

Regional Administrator


If your contact with the DCF area office does not result in a resolution to your question or situation, please contact the DCF Ombudsman's Office at 860-550-6301.

Adolescent Services assist youth under the care of DCF to make the transition from out of home care to a self-sufficient, productive life as an adult in the community. Adolescent Specialists provide...

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Child Care - HRDC Community Action Agency

Family Services

I need help paying for Child Care.

Montana families are paying just over $9,000 a year to have an infant attend a full time care center. For low-income, working single parents this could mean nearly 44% of their income is spent on child care.

I need child care, but can't afford it. What do I do?

HRDC offers the State of Montana's Best Beginnings scholarship for Big Horn, Carbon,...

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Steps to Adoption: Adoption Program: Children and Family ...


Steps to Adoption

There are several steps people must complete for any type of adoption through an agency. In addition to the basic procedures described below, other procedures may be necessary, depending upon the type of adoption, interstate issues, an adoptive parent's particular needs and those of the child and the birth parents.

Research and carefully consider the type...

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