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Foster care and adoption services

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A foster care and adoption service agency contracted to provide foster care licensing/adoption certification, monitoring, training and placement coordination services for licensed and certified homes. Specializes in serving children and adults with medical needs...

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�4 ch4: Selection of Placement Resource and Placement Options

4.4.3  Emergency Foster Care

Emergency foster homes are utilized for short-term placements. These homes are licensed foster homes who have signed the "Cooperative Agreement for the Purchase of Emergency Foster Care", CM-11. Emergency foster care placements are limited to 60 consecutive days per child. Approval of the area office is not required. After a child has spent 60 days in an emergency foster placement, the system will automatically change the...

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About the Family Care Safety Registry - Missouri

Foster parent licensure records maintained by the Missouri Department of Social Services

Workers Required to Register

A caregiver who fails to submit a completed registration form to the FCSR within 15 days of beginning employment may be guilty of a class B misdemeanor. Those required to register include employees of:

A long-term care and residential care facility licensed by the Department...

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Missouri Adoption Laws - FindLaw

Missouri Adoption Laws

Missouri Adoption Laws

State laws govern and regulate the adoption process , including requirements for adults who wish to adopt, the age at which a child's consent is needed, home residency requirements, and other factors. For instance, Missouri adoption laws state that adoption shall not be delayed on the basis of race or national origin, but that placement will be prioritized by ethnic and racial compatibility (if possible).

Despite calls to adopt uniform laws on adoption nationwide, states have been unable to agree on standardized legislation. For instance, the Uniform...

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Missouri Baptist Children's Home

Providing Hope and Restoration

For 130 years Missouri Baptist Children's Home has served God by offering Hope and Restoration to children and families who desperately need both. Through our affiliate corporations, MBCH provides a variety of residential and community-based services throughout the state of Missouri.

As you explore all that Missouri Baptist Children's Home has to offer, we invite...

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