Treehouse - About Us: Our Mission & Goals

Our Mission

Giving Foster Kids a Childhood and a Future

We envision - and strive to create - a world where every child that has experienced foster care has the opportunities and support they need to pursue their dreams and become productive members of our community.

Our Goal

By 2022, youth in foster care across Washington state will graduate from high school at the same rate as their peers, with...

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Foster Children | Help a Foster Child today.


Foster to adopt

Be a respite provider for foster parents, to care for children in the foster parent's absence.

or, Volunteer to drive foster children to therapeutic appointments. 

Foster parents receive money from the State to assist with the care of foster children.  The children's medical and dental are covered by the State. 

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Relatives Caring for Kids | DSHS

Relative Support Services Fund �- Relatives caring for children who are in the custody of the state may be eligible for Relative Care Support Funds to help with some expenses for the child. This link will provide you with information that was sent to state social workers about the funds.

Medical care. Call 1-800-547-3109 to obtain more information on free medical care through the Foster Care...

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Foster Children | Help a Foster Child today.

There are approximately 10,000 foster children in Washington, although nearly a third of those are placed with relatives rather than foster homes.  Monthly state stipend given to foster families, per child, is $369-$1300, based on a child's age and level of need.  Foster parents are reimbursed by the state on a sliding scale for the costs of taking in abused or neglected children who need a...

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Foster Parent and Kinship Caregiver Frequently Asked ...

Under the Prudent Parent Law, foster parents now may also arrange for the foster child to spend the night away from the foster home for up to 72 hours with someone known to the foster parent. Foster parents must ensure the needs of the child will be met and any safety and supervision plans are followed. The Prudent Parenting law does not require payment for short term care of up to 72 hours....

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Treehouse - Academic Support for Youth in Foster Care

What is the difference between Graduation Success and Educational Advocacy services?

Graduation Success

Treehouse Education Specialists partner with social workers, caregivers, schools and community partners to help youth in foster care graduate from high school with a plan for their future. Education Specialists work one-on-one with students to provide proactive education planning, monitoring,...

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Online Orientation for Foster Care Licensing - Washington

Thank You for Your Interest in Becoming a Foster Parent!

Orientation will:

Discuss the different programs within Children's Administration (CA) with whom you will be working.

Provide information on what you can expect when fostering children.

Explain both the home study and licensing processes.

Introduce our Foster Parent Recruitment & Retention contractors who support prospective foster families...

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Washington State Courts - National Adoption Day

A foster child is no different than any other without parents -- a child in need of a nurturing, permanent family.

What if my adopted child needs medical help or other services?

DSHS has an Adoption Support service for families adopting children with special needs. The support can include Medicaid medical coverage for the child, as well as services and/or monthly cash payments to help with ongoing therapy or treatment.

Is there a lot of red tape involved in adopting a foster...

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Chapter 21: Guardianship – Court Improvement Training Academy

APPENDIX II: Permanency Planning Comparison Chart


In 2010, the legislature modified the statutory scheme for guardianship proceedings which flow from dependency cases. Effective June 20, 2010, guardianship proceedings are initiated pursuant to the requirements of RCW 13.36 and are typically referred to as Title 13.36 guardianships. [4] Dependency guardianships previously established...

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Foster Care State and Federal Requirements

RCW 28A.225.023 - Review of unexpected or excessive absences--Support for youth's school work.

Requires districts to monitor the unexpected or excessive absences of dependent youth,

Proactively support the youth's school work so the student does not fall behind, and

Avoid suspension or expulsion based on truancy

RCW 28A.225.330(7) - Enrolling students from other districts

Prevents school...

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WA State Licensing (DOL) Official Site: Proof of identity ...

Ward of the Court Decree/Order of Dependency.

2. See which documents we accept

Stand-alone Documents

WA State driver license, ID card, or instruction permit -- Valid or expired within 1 year, has your signature, date of birth and photo.

Out-of-state driver license, ID card, or instruction permit (if you have a Social Security number) -- Valid or expired within 60 days, has your photo and give us...

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