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Private fostering

Private fostering is when a child is looked after in a 'private' arrangement by someone who is not a close relative, guardian or person with parental responsibility. Close relatives include parents, step-parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents.

It is not private fostering if the arrangement was made by Devon...

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Choosing a fostering agency - Foster Care News

Choosing the right agencies

Choosing the right agencies - About 15% of foster carers give up fostering or transfer between Fostering Agencies every year because the foster carer's relationship with their Agency or Local Authority has become problematic.

Fostering News by Foster Care News - United Kingdom

Most often the cause can be traced back to the foster carer not comparing the services other...

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Introduction to Fostering | Home For Good


Age: 13

Jake is an active boy with a great sense of humour. Could you be the forever family that he needs?

More info

At any one time there are over 92,000 children in care in the UK. These children have often been through traumatic, abusive or desperate circumstances. Some of these children need an occasional home where they can feel safe. Some need a home where they can stay on a longer...

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Fostering Vs Adopting: Do You Get Paid For Adopting a ...



*The UK Gov site states that amounts may vary if the child has specific needs, you have certain skills, or you make a particularly large commitment to fostering.

Can I Get Any Other Forms of Financial Help?

Adoption: When you adopt a child at least one member of the adoptive family will be expected to take 6 months adoption leave from work while they settle in. This isn't without pay...

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Adopting or fostering a child - Live Well - NHS Choices

The two-part adoption process

The first step towards adopting a child is to contact your local authority's adoption team or a voluntary adoption agency, see Consortium of Voluntary Adoption Agencies' (CVAA) to ask for information and procedures. You can find an adoption agency near you through First4Adoption .

In July 2013, the government launched a new two-part adoption process so that...

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Adoption Agencies Seek More Volunteers To Cuddle And Care ...

Adoption agencies are looking for volunteers to cuddle and care for newborn babies waiting to be adopted.

The agencies in America, who need volunteers as part of the babies ' "interim care programme", have said they need all the help they can get to nurture the newborns and ensure they benefit from one-on-one care in the first few weeks of their lives.

"Volunteers are more important probably than...

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Finding a child | Adoption UK

Once approved to adopt, prospective adopters enter the matching stage of the adoption process. Prospective adopters and social workers liaise to identify possible matches and tools such as the National Adoption Register and Children Who Wait work to speed up the process.

Children waiting for adoption in the UK

Adoption has changed.

Today, very few babies are 'given up' for adoption in the...

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Family Fostercare, Worcester, Beech Bank, 2 Stanley Road

Our Team

Company description

Family Fostercare helps to find safe, stable and loving foster homes for looked-after children, for as long as they need them, because we believe that every young person deserves a family. Nothing matters more to a young person than Family. But for many young people in the UK living with their own family isn't an option. Family Fostercare helps to find safe, stable and loving foster homes for these...

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Adopting a child from abroad | Fostering and Adoption

Adopting a child from abroad


This section gives a very brief outline of intercountry adoption. If you have any queries, please contact us on 0191 211 6777.

Intercountry adoption means adopting a child from another country. As with all adoptions the needs of the child are the most important to consider.

Why do people adopt a child

You may have relatives in a country and want to adopt a...

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Foster Care Statistics | Capstone Foster Care


Foster Care Statistics

The Fostering Network has a mandate to create a better future for everyone who is fostered. They lobby for improved child welfare, education and training, and regulations regarding adoption and foster care. The statistics the Network provides show that on a daily basis there are more than 64,000 children living with nearly 55,000 foster families across the UK. These...

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Fostering legislation in Wales | The Fostering Network

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Home » Fostering legislation in Wales

Fostering is a devolved issue in the UK. Legislation about care and foster care therefore varies across the UK. In Wales, the main legislative body is the Welsh Assembly. There is a wide range of law and guidance that has relevance for foster care in Wales.

With the evolution of Welsh Government legislative powers, there is currently no single...

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Post adoption support - Suffolk Fostering & Adoption

Support for adopters

We have a team of specialist social workers dedicated to post adoption support.

Adoption can be challenging, but we can help you. We will also provide a special life story book for your adopted child with information about adoption, and why they've been adopted.

You can contact us about:

counselling, financial help, Suffolk support groups and advice

assessment of adoption...

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Fostering and Adoption | Become a Foster Carer | TACT Care

Are you ready to transform a child's life? Join the UK's largest fostering and adoption charity.



We offer all our adoptive families and their children a lifetime of support whenever it is needed.


Adoption Support

We are the�UK's Largest Fostering and Adoption Charity.

We have been helping to provide loving families for vulnerable children for 24 years. We understand how important it is to support, train and develop our foster carers to�provide the�best possible care�for our children and young people.

Why Foster with TACT?

Being a foster...

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Northumberland County Council - Foster Care

Fostering is looking after someone else's children temporarily when it's not possible for them to live with their own family.�This could happen for several reasons:

neglect or abuse by parents or other family members

adolescents in need of structure, boundaries and support

parent's serious illness, including mental health issues, where support is needed

practical problems (i.e. unsupported...

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UK adoption support information - Family Lives

Your local authority has a duty to offer to assess the support needs of anyone who is affected by an adoption placement (Adoption and Children Act 2002).�This applies to the child, the adopters, the birth parents, and close relatives and siblings who have had, or may have a role in the child's life.

With respect to birth parents, the support may be provided by the local authority but the...

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Post-adoption support and services - Live Well - NHS Choices

New adoptive parents may be eligible for a settling-in grant to help pay for large items such as a bed for your child's bedroom, or car seats. The settling-in grant is discretionary and you can ask your social worker how to apply for it.

Child Benefit and tax credits

Find out about the financial help available for all parents  on GOV.UK.

Disability Living Allowance for children


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What social workers can do to prevent adoption disruption

Preventing adoption breakdown - what social workers need to know

Fully preparing the child and being aware of issues like post-adoption depression can be key in stopping adoption disruption

By Ruth Hardy on March 13, 2017 in Children

Photo: Design Pics Inc/REX/Shutterstock

The breakdown of an adoption has a huge impact on the adopters and child, whether it happens in the early days of the...

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Children in care (Looked after children) | NSPCC

Child protection in the UK

Children in care (Looked after children)

Children in care Our work with looked after children, the challenges in care and what the law says

Research and resources

Care is a vital part of our child protection system. Most young people in care say that their experiences are good and that it was the right choice for them ( Beihal et al, 2014 ). But more needs to be done to...

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Our reluctance towards adoption is hurting children - ABC ...

It's good that we're talking about how to increase international adoption, but the even bigger issue is just how few Australian children are being adopted locally each year, writes Jeremy Sammut.

International adoptions of foreign-born children in Australia have fallen to record lows. And the reasons are clear to pinpoint. Overseas adoptions are lengthy and costly, and seemingly interminable...

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Andrew Beckwith Independent Social Worker- Home Page

Independent Social Worker

Andrew Beckwith is a fully qualified and experienced Social Worker specialising in family and children issues. He has over 20 years experience of working with families and children in need for local authorities in the North West of England and his expertise is sought by Local Authorities, voluntary agencies and charitable bodies working in these fields.

Child Protection...

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The social worker is out to get me…. | Child Protection ...

Financial and Housing Advice

The social worker is out to get me....

My social worker has is it in for me and is going to make sure that my child is taken off me.

All social workers have to work within a clear legal framework and cannot do anything without having a sound legal reason.  Any decision to take a child into care- even for a very short time - has meet the criteria set out in...

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Matching with the right child - First4Adoption

Stage Three Matching with the right child

Stage Three

Previous Step Next Step

Once you are approved as a prospective adopter, the next step is to be matched with a child who could thrive in your family.

Your social worker is responsible for seeking a potential child among those who are currently waiting. Some prospective adopters are matched with a child quite quickly, but for others it may take...

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Fostering Agencies in London | Capstone Foster Care

in London

At Capstone Foster Care, we have been supporting foster carers in the South East from our London office for almost 10 years, with our support network extending to over 30 foster families within London and the surrounding areas.

Our London office in Eastcote consists of a core administrative team, including Nilma, our Panel administrator and Nikita...

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Intercountry adoption - WebMD Boots

It is an urban myth that adopting from overseas is quicker and easier than adopting within the UK. Adopting a child from another country is complicated and involves significant financial costs.


One of the surprising things about intercountry adoption is that much of the process is conducted in the UK. Potential adoptive parents have to undergo the same assessment and evaluation process...

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Adoption Support -

Financial Support

1.� What is Adoption Support?

Adoption Support includes any support likely to be required for an adoptive placement to endure through to adulthood and is applicable to both existing and new situations.

Local authorities must make arrangements, as part of their adoption service, for the provision of a range of adoption support services.

Local authorities do not have to...

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The children we find families for | Coram Adoption

The children we find families for

The children we find families for

Coram works very hard to match you with the right child. This process is adopter-led - you and your social worker will work together to determine your ambitions and what you can offer to a child.�

To help match you with the right child, we make contact with:

Local authorities across the UK who are seeking adopters for children...

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In the Uk on Adverage how long does the Adoption Process ...

In the Uk on Adverage how long does the Adoption Process take?

Thats me looking to adopt a child not put a child up for Adoption


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Best Answer:  About a year. But this question is a little bit like asking 'how long is a piece of string'

Your best bet is to ask your local...

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Fostering babies, newborns, toddlers and infants

Fostering babies, newborns, toddlers and infants

Fostering babies, newborns, toddlers and infants is a 24-hour job, the same as for all parents.

Circumstances for fostering babies and toddlers include:

babies born to parents whose previous children have been removed for child protection reasons

parents unable to parent because of drug/alcohol related issues

babies or toddlers who have been placed for adoption with parental consent

Babies in need of foster care may arrive during a crisis. They may be tired, frightened and hungry and will need a lot of care and attention to help them settle down.

They may end up...

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Surrey County Council - First4Adoption

08000 96 96 26

Ofsted report

June 2015 report (PDF) Ofsted audits all adoption agencies as it does schools and nurseries. Click the link to view the latest Ofsted reports for this agency.

Ofsted rating



Surrey Adoption Service provides a wide range of adoption services from assessment of prospective adopters to supporting them�following placement of their children and assisting...

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Adopt a Dog Watch UK dog or puppy, re home a rescue dog ...

Thank you for thinking of adopting one our lovely dogs. All Dog Watch UK dogs are fully vaccinated, or they could still be undergoing their initial vaccination program. They will have been flea treated and wormed. All bull breeds, and females will be spayed or neutered. If you adopt a dog we ask for a donation to help offset our costs. You will find individual profiles of almost all our dogs...

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