Become a Foster Parent in Wisconsin

Become a Foster Parent in Wisconsin

Foster parents play a critical role for children, families, and agencies. The foster parent's primary task is to temporarily care for a child until the child's permanence goal is achieved. The foster parent's role is also unique and involves much more.

Foster parents are expected to comply with:

agency requirements

meet foster home licensing standards

communicate any important information about the child to the caseworker and the court.

Foster parenting also means working in partnership with:

the child's family

the agency

as applicable, the child's tribe to support the child during placement

Foster parents make sure...

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MCPS - Becoming an Adoptive Parent - Milwaukee

Milwaukee County Child Protective Services (MCPS)

Adoption in Wisconsin

Adoption creates a parent-child relationship with all the rights and responsibilities a birth parent has to a child. A child can be adopted by a stepparent in Wisconsin when a birth parent is deceased or the rights of one birth parent has been terminated by a court. For all other types of adoptions in Wisconsin the statutes require that the rights of both birth...

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Become an Adoptive Parent in Wisconsin

Adoption in Wisconsin

Become an Adoptive Parent

Adoption establishes a legal relationship of a parent and child who are not related that way at birth. Adoptive parents have the same rights and obligations as a child's birth parents. There are several types of adoptions in Wisconsin:

Public Adoption

Public Adoption is the adoption of a child who is under the guardianship of the State of Wisconsin....

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Wisconsin Foster Care | ICPC State Pages

�DCF 56 (foster care)/DCF 51 (special needs adoptions)

Wisconsin requires the following types of placement resources to be licensed/approved/certified:

Foster Care



Wisconsin uses the following terms to authorize a resource family for foster care and (or) adoption after completion of education and training in state:

Approve (Adoption)


Wisconsin resource training program is as follows:

Foundation Training, which is a state-modified version of the PACE curriculum...

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Wisconsin State Adoption Assistance Program

Updated September 2015

Below you will find information about the adoption assistance benefits that may be available to families who adopt children from foster care in Wisconsin. Adoption subsidy policies and practices are, for the most part, dependent on the state where the child was in foster care before the adoption.

State Contact

Department of Children and Families�

PO Box 8916

Coalition for...

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Wisconsin Foster and Adoptive Parent Association Inc. - Home

WFAPA Brochure

WFAPA Spring Conference 2018

It's time to register for our Spring of 2018 conference in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Join us April 6-8 at the Best Western Premier Waterfront hotel for a refreshing pool of workshops.

More details on the newsletter and WFAPA Conference sections.

Stay warm!

In need to guidance as you run the course of being a foster or adoptive parent? Please click on our FASPP section above.

Foster & Adoptive Support & Preservation Program (FASPP) is a peer driven volunteer network designed to help YOU.� FASPP is an outreach of the SAAN program which is connected to WFAPA. Its highly trained volunteers are here to help you...

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Family Support Services - Evolve Adoption & Family Services

Family Support Services

Throughout the year, EVOLVE offers many opportunities for families who wish to participate in events or ongoing support tailored specifically for adoptive families, foster care providers, adoptive persons, youth in foster care, or anyone interested in strengthening their family through additional support.

Below you will find upcoming events and opportunities for...

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Other Info:

Since 1986, Adoption Choice Inc., a Wisconsin state licensed non-profit child placing agency has assisted over 1,700 children find permanent families. Adoption Choice has three offices located in Green Bay, Milwaukee and Madison. All agency staff have...

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Milwaukee Child Welfare Partnership

Click on image for access to MCWP-produced apps (Danger Threats and Protective Capacities, Developmental Milestones and Assessment, and Foster Parent Training) as well as a curated list of apps from other organizations and agencies.

Our New Staff Safety Intervention Training Academy integrates curricula developed by the Wisconsin Child Welfare Professional Development...

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Adoption Home Study - Florida Home Study Services

Contact Us Today: 863-640-5493


Adoption Home Study

Florida Home Study Services is licensed through the State as a child placing agency to conduct home studies and post placement visits. �

A home study is a critical element to the adoption process.Adoption laws require approved home studies for all domestic and international adoptions. �Home...

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Housing Assistance Scholarships & Grants for College

College Housing Grants

Paying for college can make even the most optimistic person feel overwhelmed. In addition to tuition, books and fees continue to rise. If that's not enough, many students choose to live on campus. While many scholarships, loans and grants cover the costs of the actual education, there are still living expenses that need to be financed as well.

Campus housing comes in two...

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