Single Parent International Adoption

Single parent international adoption is indeed possible, especially if you are a single woman hoping to build your family through adoption. Depending on the country, a single can adopt either an infant , an older child , a sibling group or a child with disabilities .

And while countries such as Korea and China only allowed married couples to adopt, an ever-growing number of countries are...

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China Restricts Adoption Policies - ABC News

China Restricts Adoption Policies



China announced plans Wednesday to tighten restrictions on adoptions by foreigners. The nation will give last priority to foreign citizens who are older than 50 and ban adoptions to those who are obese, single, disfigured or on antidepressant medication.

Stated bluntly, if you are too fat, you can't adopt a Chinese baby.

The laundry...

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Closed Adoption Definition and Facts | Considering Adoption

A closed adoption describes a situation in which a woman places her child for adoption without having contact with the child or the adoptive family. The identities of everyone in the adoption are kept confidential, and the birth mother can even request that her adoption professional chooses the family that will raise her child. While this arrangement used to be the norm, it is now the least...

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