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What is the Adoption Aid program?

The Adoption Aid program, a part of our Orphan Care Outreach, provides financial assistance to families who are making the courageous choice to adopt a child with special needs.

Why did the Tim Tebow Foundation create the Adoption Aid program?

The Tim Tebow Foundation focuses on five primary outreach initiatives and the Adoption Aid...

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International Adoption Resources

International Adoption Resources

(IAR) is an information center for hopeful adoptive parents. IAR also aids orphans in China.

International Adoption Resources (IAR) offers a wealth of information to provide prospective adoptive parents the insights they need...

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Orphan statistics explained | Adoption | Gender & Justice ...

Schuster Institute > International Adoption Fraud & Corruption

Orphan statistics explained

UNICEF's statement that there are 163 million orphans worldwide has been widely misinterpreted as meaning that 163 million children are in need of new adoptive families. Many Westerners imagine that a significant number of these adoptable children are healthy infants and toddlers.

But it's not so. UNICEF's...

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The Southern Baptist Convention, Adoption & Orphan Care ...

Guest Post by Matt Capps . Matt (an ordained Baptist minister who serves as an Associate Pastor at Calvary Baptist Church , in Winston-Salem, NC) is overseeing Together for Adoption's exciting new partnership with the SBC's North American Mission Board .


The partnership between Together for Adoption and Southern Baptists has become an exciting development. At the Annual Southern...

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Americans for African Adoptions, Inc. - 2007

Today is:


Peace, good food & clean water, Cheryl Carter-Shotts

AFAA Founder & Managing Director

Parent of 2 African children, 3 biological children & grandparent of 5 children


AFAA has been a continuously, US licensed, adoption agency since 1986.

AFAA has been an Indiana, non-profit corporation since 1986.

AFAA has been an IRS approved, 501 (c) (3) corporation since 1987.

AFAA has been a member of...

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Date: 2007-05-17 04:54:44

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BBC NEWS | Africa | Ethiopia's adoption dilemma

Most of the parents are from abroad. The adoption of Ethiopian children by foreigners has increased sharply in the past few years, with thousands of parents from various parts of the Western world adopting children from this impoverished nation.

Kids Care Orphanage is just one of the numerous orphanages and child care centres in the Ethiopian capital.

Aster Fisseha, who runs the orphanage, says...

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Adoption Financial Assistance | Options for Families and Youth

Please read our blog post about the status of our International Adoption program.

The following list provides other resources to investigate that may help fund an adoption.� Provision of the names of these resources is not meant to imply that we are recommending them to you specifically, it is meant only to provide you with information to help you locate any funding that may be available to...

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Adoption Agency-How to Choose | Creating a Family

Choosing an adoption agency is a multi-faceted decision and depends on your personality as much as your particular adoption desires. Like all major decisions, it can be difficult to figure out all the different factors, much less figure out how to rank them. How important is location vs. size? How do you weigh factors that have less of a direct impact like humanitarian aid or birthmother support?...

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