Adopt a Waiting Child | Utah Foster Care

Waiting for Permanency

Adopting a waiting child is where a family works�towards the�adoption of a specific child (or sibling group). Families choose this option because:

They are interested in adopting school-aged children or teens

Wish to avoid the emotional stresses that accompany reunification


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India | Children's House International Adoptions

ATTENTION: This program is open to all qualified families, including those with no Indian heritage.

Our India Adoption Program

Namaste. Since 1975, Children's House International has been serving the orphan children of India. The Central Adoption Resource Authority of India (CARA) recognizes Children's House as an Authorized Foreign Adoption Agency to place Indian orphans into loving adoptive...

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NAE - National Adoption Exchange | AcronymAttic

National Association of Export

Samples in periodicals archive:

Jewish Adoption : Jewish Colorado; As a result of the adoption of their first child in; a national adoption exchange that finds homes for about...

Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act; 1978 Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment and; Creates a national adoption exchange to match special needs...


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Jamaica - Children's House International Adoptions

Jamaica Adoption Program

Children's House International is excited to announce the opening of our waiting child program in Jamaica. The Adoption Board is the only body that can approve adoptions in Jamaica. The Child Development Agency (CDA) prepares and processes all applications, and presents it to the Adoption Board for their approval. CHI represents waiting children from Jamaica that are...

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Republic of Moldova - Children's House International Adoptions

Country Facts

Our Moldova Program

Children's House International is excited to once again be licensed in the Republic of Moldova. Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Moldova has undergone profound changes, yet there is still a need for adoptive families. Moldova is considered one of the poorest European nations, and many children are orphaned due to illness and poverty. Our program works...

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Adoptions From The Heart | Virginia Adoption Agency | 757 ...

What Our Clients Say About Us

Adoptions From The Heart

Reviewed by Rebecca L., on

March 16, 2015


"They helped make my family complete! My husband and I knew from the moment we walked through Adoption From The Heart's doors that we were in good hands. Everyone on the staff is so warm and welcoming and they answered our hundreds of questions with patience. It was through their hard work that our...

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Connecting Utah's Children to Their Waiting Families

Raising Children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

Why Do we Rely on Shame to Tame Children's Behaviours?

Urban Indian Center of Salt Lake

Ten Things Your Child Needs to Know


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Wasatch International Adoptions Vietnam Adoption Program

Vietnam Adoption Agency Program:

Wasatch International Adoptions

Vietnam Adoption Program Description: WIA offers in-state parent education classes, and education classes via the Internet for families living outside the states of Minnesota and Utah. We have a very caring and responsive staff who is works with all adoptive parents in order to make the adoption process as smooth an easy...

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Questions & Answers | Faithful Adoption Consultants

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Are you a licensed placing agency?

FAC is not a licensed placing agency or an attorney. We are a�referral service that networks our clients with licensed agencies and attorneys throughout the United States.

Facilitators are illegal in my state, are you a facilitator?

The short answer is NO. We are adoption consultants, also referred to as a...

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A Act of Love Reviews | Adoption Agencies Companies | Best ...

Eligibility & training

Budget flexibility

In business since 1993, the agency has over two decades of experience with domestic adoptions of all levels of openness. Birthparents and adoptive parents can decide what works for them: no contact, meet in person, talk on the phone, Skype, send emails, share pictures on social media, send pictures and letters through the agency, etc.

In 2015, they placed...

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