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Four Parts: Researching Your State Law Finding the Place of Adoption Requesting Information from a Registry Petitioning a Court to Unseal Adoption Records Community Q&A

In order to find out the identity of your birth parents, you will need to see your adoption records. Finding them requires that you know the county in which the adoption took place. Once you locate the proper county, then you will...

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Foster Care and Adoption | Youth Homes

We help you; help kids in need!

We offer a full spectrum of support, including financial assistance.

Youth Homes offers foster care and adoption services through our Dan Fox Family Care Program. We place children into families that we have recruited, screened, trained and licensed, plus we support

placements made by the Montana Child and Family Services Division (the State child welfare agency).

Our goal is to create and maintain healthy family environments within which children who've been abused and neglected can begin to heal and find...

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Questions & Answers | Faithful Adoption Consultants

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Are you a licensed placing agency?

FAC is not a licensed placing agency or an attorney. We are a�referral service that networks our clients with licensed agencies and attorneys throughout the United States.

Facilitators are illegal in my state, are you a facilitator?

The short answer is NO. We are adoption consultants, also referred to as a...

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