IFAPA Lifebook Pages

IFAPA Lifebook Pages

IFAPA has created over seventy free lifebook pages for foster and adoptive families and social workers to use.

What is a Lifebook?

A lifebook brings together a child's past, present, and future. It is a book to document a child's history, celebrate accomplishments, and allow his or her talents to shine. It is a record of a child's life in his or her own words using photos,...

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Domestic Adoption | New York Adoption Attorney

The internet

Good old fashion word of mouth by family and friends

Once found, the two parties determine if they are right for one another and make an adoption plan together.

Before the search begins for the adoptive family, legal steps must be taken. These legal procedures are crucial to the adoption process. In addition, families must know where and if they are permitted to advertise in any...

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Date: 2017-03-22 21:35:03
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Top 5 International Adoption Agencies | AdoptTogether

by AdoptTogether | Mar 4, 2017 | Adoption Professionals , International Adoption , Perspectives

After encountering various challenges with adopting through LA County, we decided that going through a private agency was a better choice for our family. We also knew that there were hundreds of agencies out there and were slightly overwhelmed by the process of...

by AdoptTogether | Mar 3, 2017 |...

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Adoption Information: Russia | USCIS

Adoption Information: Russia

Recent Developments

Please see the Department of State website for the most current information on Russian legislation that may impact intercountry adoptions from Russia.� At present, USCIS continues to accept and process paperwork filed by prospective adoptive parents intending to adopt children from Russia. We, along with the Department of State, are monitoring...

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Date: 2018-03-22 12:51:04
Website: https://www.uscis.gov

House Will Vote on Unborn Child Tax Credit Thursday, First ...

Jennifer Popik, JD � Nov 15, 2017 � | � 7:02PM �� Washington, DC

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The House is expected to vote on H.R. 1, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 tomorrow, Thursday November 16th. The tax bill contains a new positive provision related to the unborn.


Under the provision, parents will be permitted to name unborn children as beneficiaries of 529 College Savings...

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International Adoption - Alberta Human Services ...

In all types of International Adoption Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) is responsible for the immigration process that allows the child you have adopted or intend to adopt to enter Canada. Approximately 2,000 foreign children are adopted by Canadian citizens or permanent residents every year.

Private Guardianship Orders

Private Guardianship applies to children originating from countries...

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Date: 2018-01-23 23:10:48
Website: humanservices.alberta.ca

International - Abba Specialist Adoption and Social Services

Intercountry Adoptions

As a society, South Africa is facing many challenges when it comes to the plight of our children. Families and children are affected by poverty, HIV/ aids, abandonment, violence and the breakdown of families.

It is always a preferable option to offer a child a permanent substitute family through adoption, rather than care in an institution.

In South Africa, adoptions are...

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Date: 2016-12-05 14:23:02
Website: http://www.abbaadoptions.co.za

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Texas Foster Care and Adoption | Buckner International ...

Buckner Foster Care and Adoption provides safe and loving homes for vulnerable children who need them -- for a season or forever. Foster care and adoption are profound ways to change a child's life forever, and our commitment to family means we provide comprehensive services for you and the children we serve across Texas. Our goal and ministry is to help every child find hope and healing through family foster care or permanency through reunification with kin or through the blessing of adoption.

We, at Buckner Foster Care and...

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Website: http://www.buckner.org

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Family Fostercare East Yorkshire - Adoption in Beverley ...

Family Fostercare, the fostering agency with a family feel.

Family Fostercare East Yorkshire works with fostered young people and foster carers in Beverley, Hull and throughout the East Riding of Yorkshire. Our dedicated, experienced and friendly team at the office in Beverley help us to maintain our ethos of a...

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Child and Family Services Review - Wikipedia

Child and Family Services Review

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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(September 2014)

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The Child and Family Services Reviews (CFSR) are conducted by the...

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Date: 2018-03-08 00:52:45
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Adopting through Foster Care - Forums - FertileThoughts

Private agencies that are licensed to place children in foster/adopt have no incentive to try and sell you on infant adoption. They might put you in the pool if you ask or call you if something comes up that was a perfect fit for you but agencies that are doing private adoptions are ONLY funded for all of the social work that they do by fees. When they place children that are wards of the state...

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Family Services - Tioga County

At Family Services, every caseworker is trained in all three Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare human service categories---mental health,�intellectual disabilities, and children and youth. Pennsylvania Department of Health regulations require an additional D&A caseworker to work in conjunction with the integrated delivery methods of this department. In every case, the Family Services...

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Date: 2018-03-22 18:21:45
Website: http://www.tiogacountypa.us

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Georgia Adoption Laws and Professionals

Home » Georgia Adoption Laws and Professionals

Georgia Adoption Laws and Professionals

As a Georgia resident who's interested in adopting, you have many adoption options, and this is the perfect place to begin exploring them. Below, you'll find adoption agencies and adoption lawyers offering services in your state. Scroll past the listings to see Georgia adoption laws and policies.


Each state...

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Website: http://buildingyourfamily.com

Arizona Samoyed Rescue Home Page

Samoyed Club of Central Arizona Rescue

We are having an auction in August to support our affiliates in their rescue endeavors

There will be many unique items not found anywhere else. At least 4 artists have contributed to make our auction the best ever!

Auction is going on now! Click below to support Samoyed Rescue

Click here to visit NSR's Auction to help Sams in Need

URGENT! AZ Sammy Rescue has received a large number of dogs - some are waiting to enter rescue. If you can foster or adopt, now is the time.

Samoyed Club of Central Arizona...

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Date: 2015-08-24 04:01:07
Website: http://www.azsammyrescue.org

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Adoptive Families – Holt-Sunny Ridge Blog

March 5, 2018 / Holt-Sunny Ridge / 6 Comments

This summer, Holt-Sunny Ridge will host the second annual Journey of Hope summer camp for adoptees and their families!

This three-day camp is designed around the Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI)® parenting curriculum for domestic and international adoptees and their families. Even years after their adoption, some children may struggle with...

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Website: http://www.holtsunnyridge.org

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Adopted Adult Support - PAC-UK

Our counsellors

A specialist counselling service

Adoption is often considered a solely positive event that ensures a child grows up in a family, and at the same time allows the creation or extension of a family. However, years of experience have shown that adoption can be very challenging too, and for all parties involved. Adults who were adopted as children often find that they struggle with a...

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Website: http://www.pac-uk.org

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Pets for Adoption | Greater Androscoggin Humane Society

Snuggle Express Request

Pets for Adoption

All of the dogs, cats and rabbits are neutered before they are placed in a new home. This...

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Date: 2018-03-22 16:23:43
Website: http://www.gahumane.org

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International adoption reform signalled opening doors for ...

International adoption reform signalled opening doors for Australian families to welcome children from more countries

By Anna Whitelaw

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Australians could soon be able to adopt children from Vietnam and other nations at present off limits to prospective parents.

The number of international adoptions hit a record low in the last financial year. The Abbott...

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Website: smh.com.au

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Adoptive Parents | Christian Family Services

Thank you for your interest in adoption and Christian Family Services (CFS).� Most of the children placed by CFS are healthy newborn infants of all races, but occasionally we place babies with special needs, and older children. �We provide services for birthparents such as counseling, housing, financial assistance, and occasionally foster care in our own licensed Christian homes.� Adoption costs range from about $20,000 to $24,000 for healthy...

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Website: http://christianfamilyservices.org

A Guide to Adult Adoptions in Illinois - DuPage County ...

A Guide to Adult Adoptions in Illinois


August 14, 2015

The adoption law in Illinois focuses on facilitating new family relationships. When parents to decide to adopt a child, it creates a legal parent-child relationship, just as if the child was their biological offspring. The same outcome applies when a parent, or parents, adopt an adult. Commonly, adult adoptions formalize relationships that...

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Date: 2018-03-22 13:53:43
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Adoption is the legal process of adding a person to an existing family. Adoption, unlike foster care, is meant to be permanent. The goal of adoption is to provide lifelong security to the child and the adoptive family.




Children who are orphaned are obvious candidates for adoption. Children can be...

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Website: babiesonline.co.za

Arizona Wait No More Registration, Sat, Feb 24, 2018 at 10 ...

Right now, over 2,000 children and youth in Arizona foster care are waiting for adoptive families. Arizona also has more than 4,000 churches and God has given clear commands for Christians to take care of His orphan children. So if the command is clear and the need is apparent, why are these kids still waiting? Even if you're not called to adopt, we can all do something!

Join Focus on the Family and Arizona 1.27, as well as church and adoption leaders from around the area on Saturday, February 24, 2018 at Heights Church. You'll hear more about the kids who are waiting, the process of foster care and adoption and ways you can be...

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Adoption - babiesonline.co.za

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Adoption is the legal process of adding a person to an existing family. Adoption, unlike foster care, is meant to be permanent. The goal of adoption is to provide lifelong security to the child and the adoptive family.




Children who are orphaned are obvious candidates for adoption. Children can be...

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World View Adoption Association – We are a non-profit ...

Are you pregnant and thinking about adoption as a loving option for your baby?

Private adoption gives you control over the process.  Children's Aid Society (CAS) is not involved.  You decide which family is best for your child.  There are no waiting times an NO FEES to receive services.  —Ongoing counselling is available, post adoption. Birth parent rights are equally protected -  it is...

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Date: 2018-03-22 11:58:30
Website: http://worldviewadoption.com

My Bristol Favourites: Emma Simpson - bristol247.com

Emma Simpson is the team manager at CCS Adoption and The Centre For Adoption Support & Education , working with adoptive families and supporting them to care for children who have been in the care system and suffered abuse and trauma.

She is passionate about being a social worker, and for anybody who has been watching the Bristol-set drama series Kiri on Channel 4, she wants to stress that she...

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Website: https://www.bristol247.com

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Reece's Rainbow Down Syndrome Adoption Grant Foundation

Children are now HOME with their families, since Reece's Rainbow began in 2006! ... AND COUNTING!

Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

Follow our Families

Sponsor one or more families to help with the financial burden of their adoption...

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Adoption | Probate Court of Jefferson County, Alabama

Accounting of disbursements.

What is a pre-placement investigation?

Investigation conducted for the purpose of determining the suitability of each petitioner and the home in which the adoptee will be placed. The investigation will include a criminal background search and will focus on any other circumstances relevant to the placement of the adoptee.

Is it always necessary to have a pre-placement...

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Website: http://jeffcoprobatecourt.com

Who are the Ukrainian Angels? | Reference.com

Who are the Ukrainian Angels?


Quick Answer

Ukrainian Angels is the advisory service of Cathy Harris, a U.S. woman who has independently adopted seven children from Ukraine and gives assistance to other interested families with adoption procedures and contacts. As of 2016, she claims to have helped over...

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Website: https://www.reference.com

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Adoption Announcements - Custom Baby Adoption Cards | Mixbook

Celebrate your new family member or members with Mixbook adoption announcements, and spread your wonderful news far and wide. With Mixbook, it's easy to customize...

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Voluntary Relinquishment of Rights by the Parent ...

If you are a birth or adoptive parent and considering giving up your parental rights to your child, you are not alone. Parents voluntarily relinquish their legal rights to their children in a wide variety of circumstances, including divorce, adoption, family legal guardianship and foster care.

If you are a birth or adoptive parent and considering giving up your parental rights to your child, you...

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Adoption Resources - New Jersey

Adoption - En Español

The Office of Adoption Operations is a licensed adoption agency within the State of New Jersey, Department of Children and Families, Child Protection and Permanency (CP&P). The Office of Adoption Operations is approved to provide adoption services to children in the public child welfare system, which includes placing children into adoptive homes as well as providing other adoption related services in New Jersey. Each year, the Office of...

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Date: 2018-02-12 17:42:48
Website: http://www.state.nj.us

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Adoption Mosaic | Adoption support and resources ...

"Providing Educational Resources and Ongoing Support "

to Those Influenced by Adoption

Posted by Adoption Mosaic on Aug 28, 2015 in Announcements | 0 comments

August 28, 2015

Dear Supporters, Advocates, and Community Members,

It is with a heavy heart that we write to inform you that Adoption Mosaic will be closing its doors after 10 great years of serving the adoption community. This was an extremely difficult decision, but the current Board and Astrid, our Executive Director, deliberated, reached a consensus, and are at peace that this is the most honorable and respectful...

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Website: http://www.adoptionmosaic.org

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Adoptive Families Blog | Infant adoption


We're honored to be�sharing Clayton and Sarah's beautiful adoption story today as a part of our�blog series " Then and Now ." Adoptive mom...

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Website: http://blog.lifetimeadoption.com

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Ethical International Adoptions

Ethical International Adoptions

We are a group of German parents who have adopted children from Ethiopia. In the process of our international adoption, we were confronted with ethical questions, which we want to clarify through dialogue, education, and discussion with stakeholders and interested parties. This blog is open to all who want to discuss ethical issues in international adoption. We...

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Date: 2018-03-06 15:30:55
Website: http://ethicalinternationaladoptions.blogspot.com

What is the adoption tax credit? | Tax Policy Center

What is the adoption tax credit?


The tax code provides an adoption credit of up to $13,570 of qualified expenses (in 2017) for each child adopted, whether via public foster care, domestic private adoption, or international adoption. The tax expenditure on the credit in 2015 totaled approximately $300 million.

Credit Amount

Taxpayers can receive a tax credit for all qualifying adoption expenses...

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Date: 2018-03-22 10:10:35
Website: http://www.taxpolicycenter.org

KVC West Virginia - Foster Care, Adoption, & Family Therapy

When a child has suffered abuse or neglect, or when a family is facing a mental health challenge, KVC West Virginia is there with the support needed...

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Website: https://westvirginia.kvc.org

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Domestic Adoption Fees - Adoptions Together | Every Child ...



**Not including fees related to placement such as post placement reports, interim care, legal fees, etc.

**All fees are subject to change without notice. Fees are effective July 1st 2017

**DC resident fees are based on per capita income for a family of five. Each additional family member will reduce the fee by 5% per member.

It is the policy of Adoptions Together that adoption should be available to families from a broad socio-economic range....

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Website: https://www.adoptionstogether.org

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Ethiopia - Lifeline Child


At this time, we are not accepting new applications into our Ethiopia program.

Ethiopia is the oldest independent nation in Africa. A land of stunning natural beauty covering an area twice the size of Texas! It is a land of rich diversity of culture and geography. As an East African landlocked country, Ethiopia is bordered by Somalia, Kenya, Sudan, Eritrea and Djibouti. Over 80 languages are spoken, most commonly the national...

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Website: http://lifelinechild.org

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Christian Adoption Services

Are you considering adopting a child

into your family? Would you like

to know your options for adoptions

in the province of Alberta? Let us help.

Find out more about domestic and

Upcoming Events

Empowered to Connect

Empowered to Connect Parenting Simulcast will be held�April 13 & 14, 2018.� In Edmonton at West Edmonton Christian Assembly, in Red Deer County at...

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Date: 2018-03-22 11:24:58
Website: http://www.christianadoption.ab.ca

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Adoption Process in China - International Adoption Help

When a child referral is made, the China Center for Adoption Affairs will usually provide a photo or photos, limited medical information, the child's name, the child's age or birth date, and the name of the orphanage or province where the child resides. With this information, families either accept or reject the referral sent to them by the China Center for Adoption Affairs. When a referral is...

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Date: 2018-01-08 20:08:09
Website: http://www.internationaladoptionhelp.com

Colombia Hosting Program | Adopt From Colombia

by New Beginnings | Jul 14, 2014 | Blog , New Beginnings News |

For the last several years, Adopolis, Inc. has managed the "Citizens of the World" Hosting Program for families interested in providing special needs and older children from Colombia an enriching family experience. With the help of New Beginnings Family and Children's Services in NY, NJ and PA, Adopolis is facilitating this program...

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Website: https://www.new-beginnings.org

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Home » Adoption Rocks



Not sure where to turn when it comes to adoption? Adoption Rocks is the right place to start! Adoption Rocks is dedicated to loving, embracing and enabling women who are seeking information about adoption as an option for their unplanned pregnancy. Adoption Rocks also supports those who seek to build families through adoption.

Adoption Rocks is a non-profit organization located in...

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Website: http://adoptionrocks.net

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Christian Foster Care, Adoption Services | Project 1.27

750+ Families Trained � � � � 800+ Kids served � � � � 350+ Adoptions

A Family Waiting for Every Child in Foster Care


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Website: http://project127.com

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Fees | Triangle Adoption Services


Triangle Adoption Services Fee Schedule

The family is responsible for payment of fees prior to initiation of services. Fees are non-refundable once the service has been initiated. Any expense from an external entity to the agency may increase fees during the process. Payment of fees does not guarantee approval for adoption.

*Checks are made payable to Triangle Adoption Services�and are to...

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Website: http://triangleadoptionservices.com

Nathanson North Carolina Homestudy Adoption Agency

Nathanson Adoption Services. Helene Nathanson and the staff are warm and caring, and our adoptive families have commented on how comfortable the staff makes them feel during the home study process. Not only are...

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Website: nathansonadopt.com

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Home [www.adopt-lssofny.org]

The Lutheran Service Society of New York (LSS of NY) аis a full service adoption agency offering support, education and services to children, families and birth parents. LSS of NY has been аauthorized to perform adoption services in New York State since 1905. а

We provide аcounseling and placement services for birth parents who аdecide to аmake an adoption plan for their child.

For families looking to adopt , we provide home study, education, post-placement, ...

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Date: 2013-02-28 16:06:18
Website: http://www.adopt-lssofny.org

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Home Landing Page | Holy Family Services

Holy Family Services

Adoption and�Foster Care

Holy Family Services Adoption & Foster Care (HFS) is an accredited California state-licensed, nondenominational, nonprofit 501(c)3 adoption and foster care agency established in 1949. Our services are provided to birth parents and prospective adoptive parents, adult adoptees (adopted...

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Website: http://hfservices.ladiocese.org

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Wendy's Wonderful Kids | Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption

To date, we have found permanent homes for more than 6,500 children serviced by the Wendy's Wonderful Kids recruiters.

The�Foundation works every day to make�"unadoptable" unacceptable. Read on to see how the program works.

The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption awards grants to public and private adoption agencies to hire adoption professionals who implement proactive, child-focused...

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Website: https://davethomasfoundation.org

iFoster for the SPCA of Texas - SPCA of Texas


SPCA of Texas is seeking Foster Heroes who are willing to open up their hearts and homes to an animal in need. By becoming a Foster Hero, you will be providing one animal with a comfortable, loving home while allowing another animal to take the foster's place at the shelter.

The more animals fostered, the more lives saved!

The SPCA of Texas has foster opportunities to suit any lifestyle! We will supply everything you...

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Website: https://www.spca.org

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Animal Adoption Foundation - Adopt a Pet - AAF

Available Dog/Puppy List

Dogs are spayed/neutered, up-to-date on vaccinations, heartworm tested, and microchipped. Most dogs are available for our Trial Adoption�program, allowing�a one-week trial to determine if the dog is a good fit for your home.�AAF pets receive individualized care and�socialization�from volunteers and interns.

Available Cat/Kitten List

Cats are spayed/neutered,�up-to-date on vaccinations, Leukemia and HIV tested, and microchipped. Kittens are socialized...

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Website: http://www.aafpets.org

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