Family Services Greater Vancouver

Considering adoption? We'll be with you every step of the way

The FSGV Pregnancy Counselling and Adoption Agency has helped hundreds of families adopt a child and assisted birth moms wishing to place their babies with wonderful families. Speak to one of our friendly experts about your options. Adoption is a journey, but you don't have to walk it alone.


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Children's Action Network : A Project of the Tides Center

Children's Action Network, Along With 30 National Organizations Thank President Obama for Extending the Adoption Tax Credit

Did you know that if you adopt a child from the foster care system you are eligible for a tax credit?

Here are the facts:

Since 2003, families who adopted a U.S. child with special needs from foster care could claim a federal adoption tax credit even if they had no adoption expenses (as long as they...

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Date: 2018-03-12 16:22:05

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Missouri Adoption Agency | Adoptions With Love

Adoptions With Love - A Private, Licensed Adoption Agency Serving Missouri

Adoptions With Love is a non-profit, domestic adoption agency that has been serving the state of Missouri since 1986. Our licensed agency focuses on providing expert care and guidance to expectant and birthparents as well as to prospective adoptive parents. We work with a skilled team of highly qualified and compassionate...

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Adoption | Kentucky Justice Online

General Information About Adoption: Adoption creates a parent-child relationship recognized for all purposes -- including child support obligations, inheritance rights and custody.

What is adoption?

Adoption is a court procedure by which an adult legally becomes the parent of someone who is not his or her biological child. Adoption creates a parent-child relationship recognized for all purposes...

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Date: 2018-03-22 12:36:56

China Adoption - Adoption Blogs - Adoptive Families

Farewell to The Yin and the Yang

One year and nine months ago, I posted the first entry of The Yin and the Yang on AdoptiveFamiliesCircle. The post, titled "Best Laid Plans," introduced our family formed by...

Missed Moments in an Adopted Child's Life

On this any old morning, I awake with my daughter Hanna, adopted from China, sleeping curled against my shoulder. She had a bad dream and tiptoed...

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Home | AdoptOntario, Every Child Deserves A Forever Family

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AdoptOntario[TM] is for families interested in adoption - whether approved for adoption, in the process of being assessed, or making initial...

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Older Child Adoption Archives - Holt International Blog

Adoptive dad Keith Guess shares about his family's experience with older child adoption, how it differs from adopting babies, and how Spencer and Leo -- two teen brothers from Vietnam -- have...

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Adoption Connections Inc in Andover, KS 67002 Directions ...

KVC Health Systems, Inc

Traveling Case Manager in Wichita, KS

KVC relies heavily on community connections and evidence-based practice to provide outstanding care to children and families.... View Job and Apply

Kansas Children's Service League

AdoptKSKids Adoption Social Worker-Family Focused in Wichita, KS

Adoption Social Workers. 2 years working in adoption. Agencies that are a part of the consortium. Expertise about adoption recruitment and best responses to the... View Job and Apply


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Adoption Aid - Tim Tebow Foundation

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Adoption Aid program?

The Adoption Aid program, a part of our Orphan Care Outreach, provides financial assistance to families who are making the courageous choice to adopt a child with special needs.

Why did the Tim Tebow Foundation create the Adoption Aid program?

The Tim Tebow Foundation focuses on five primary outreach initiatives and the Adoption Aid...

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Our Story - Christian Adoption Services

Pat always tells the story of women sitting on the sofa alongside her toddler in the "waiting room" they would envision the baby in their womb as a precious child. Women would come to take a free pregnancy test and discuss their options.�As a registered nurse, Pat could explain the process of abortion as well as talk about the support systems, finances, and prenatal care an expectant woman...

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134 best Infant Adoption Guide images on Pinterest ...

For a lot of us who are hoping to adopt, family and friends are a big part of our journey. We need their love and support as we build...

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Adopting an Older Child Internationally | Adjustment

The adoption of older children from foreign countries is becoming more common as fewer infants and young toddlers are available for adoption by US families. Building your family by adopting an older child brings much joy, but it can also be challenging. After all, the majority of your new child's life has been spent in a different country, and in an environment that is likely to be very different...

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Adopting From Foster Care: Why Does It Take So Long?

Adopting from foster care may take longer than you'd like, but it's worth every moment in the end.

Of all the questions foster care organizations like ours are asked on a regular basis, the one that comes up the most is why adopting from foster care takes so long.

It's easy to understand their frustration, especially if the foster parents feel that the bio parents are unwilling or unable to...

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Website: http://foster-adoptive-kinship-family-services-nj ...

How Does Stepparent Adoption Work in Georgia? | Adoption Blog

Before a stepparent can petition for the adoption of a stepchild or stepchildren in Georgia, the parental rights of the biological parent must be terminated. During this process, the non-custodial parent gives away all parental rights and responsibilities, including child support. There are two possible outcomes for this interaction:

1. The biological parent willingly lets go of his or her...

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Date: 2018-03-22 12:17:06

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Mark R. Iverson - Adoption Legal Services

Adopt a Child Help for Mothers

About the Firm

Mark R. Iverson�is an�attorney who�specializes in adoption.�Mr. Iverson is a�1988�graduate of Gonzaga University School of Law and is married and has three adopted children. He is a fellow of the...

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2018 NACAC Conference

2018 NACAC Conference

The annual NACAC conference is the most comprehensive adoption conference in North America!

Join us in Saint Paul, Minnesota, from August 8-10, 2018 (pre-conference session August 7) for the 2018 NACAC Conference.

[Please note: the 2018 NACAC conference will be held from Wednesday to Friday with the pre-conference session on Tuesday. This is a different schedule than in...

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13.46 Continuation of Adoption Assistance After Age 18 ...

922 KAR 1:060 Federal Title IV-E Adoption Assistance

Adoptive parents may be eligible for adoption assistance for special needs children after their eighteenth (18th) birthday in the form of monthly subsidy, extraordinary medical expenses and the medical card.� Adoption assistance may continue until high school graduation or the child's nineteenth (19th) birthday, whichever comes first.


The R&C...

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Date: 2018-03-22 19:08:07

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Support Fostering | Florida Department of Children and ...

You don't have to become a foster parent to support fostering.

Protecting children and strengthening families is the responsibility of every member of the community. Fostering and adopting a child may not be an option for you. However, there are many ways to help a child or family in need in your community.

All of our community-based care partners work closely with individuals and businesses in...

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Date: 2018-03-22 08:04:25

SAF Project Computer Lab Fundraiser | Nonprofits - YouCaring

For 7 years the Sheehan Adopt-A-Family Project (, a 501(c)(3) charity,�has adopted hundreds of homeless and needy families during the holidays.� This year I decided to expand the SAF Project into a group home and am very excited to be partnering with the 100 year-old Vista Del Mar Group Home in Culver City to build a computer lab and mentoring program for its 46 youth...

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What Is The Difference Between Foster Care And Adoption?

What Is The Difference Between Foster Care And Adoption?

Date Published:

September 10th, 2015

Adoption and foster care are both a means to support children that are in need. Unfortunately, there are many children in Pennsylvania, the United States, and around the world that do not have strong family or monetary foundations. Despite the reason for needing help, these children are welcomed at Family Care for Children and Youth to join families that can care for the child as needed - financially and emotionally - whether through adoption or foster care.

The main differences between foster care and adoption in Pennsylvania have to do with parental...

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Hong Kong Adoption Program - Nightlight Christian Adoptions


Hong Kong Adoption Program

Nightlight has begun a partnership with Po Leung Kuk (a social service organization in Hong Kong) to place orphaned children into loving homes. We work directly with the Po Leung Kuk and are approved by the Central Authority of Hong Kong to conduct inter-country adoption. Hong Kong is a party to the Hague convention as well.

Po Leung Kuk is a small group home...

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Kenya Children's Homes Adoption Society - Nairobi, Kenya

Kenya Children's Homes Adoption Society

Langata road, opposite wilson airport, Nairobi, 00100, Kenya

08:30 - 17:00


Kenya Children's Homes (KCH) Adoption Society is a licensed adoption agency that provides professional advice and support to those who wish to adopt locally and internationally.


Our motto is our mission

"Everything is done in the child's best interest"

Many children in various children's homes in Kenya are waiting for a loving family and our adoption society is here to help...

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Home Page - C.A.S.E. - Nurture, Inspire, Empower

Foster, Adoptive or Adopted Family Member

Professionals (mental health professionals, child welfare personnel, adoption agency, therapist, attorney, etc.)

TAC student/trainer

Sign Up


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Q. How many post-placement visits are required?

A. The number of required post-placement visits varies greatly by state. Typically, the post-placement requirements are based on the state in which the finalization will be completed, but some extraneous factors can alter these conditions. Consult your home study provider for details on the number of post-placement visits needed to finalize your...

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Snow Wu Founded Great Wall China Adoption in 1996 - Wattpad

Great Wall China Adoption, along with its sister division, Children of All Nations (CAN), is a nonprofit organization which was founded by Snow Wu in 1996. She is the President and CEO of this leading international adoption agency. GWCA and CAN are headquartered in Austin, Texas, with auxiliary offices in China, and across the continental U.S. They are dedicated to improving the lives of children...

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Learning Products - Adoption Home Study Arkansas

The adoption home study is required by law in each state in the US.� The study is conducted by a licensed social worker who has education and training in family relations, psychology and assessment.� To conduct private home studies in Arkansas, the social worker must have a Masters degree and hold an LCSW license.�

Interviews:��Most home studies can be accomplished in a series of 4...

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Date: 2015-01-08 05:07:59

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Papua New Guinea Adoption Requirements -

NOTE:� Additional documents may be requested.�

5.� Apply for the Child to be Found Eligible for Adoption

After you finalize the adoption (or gain legal custody) in Papua New Guinea, the U.S Government, Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) MUST determine whether the child is eligible under U.S. law to be adopted (Form I-600).� Learn ...

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Liberia - Adoption News (Family Helper,



Liberia is currently closed to adoptions by Canadians, following the moratorium on adoptions announced in May 2008. Liberia is open to adoptions by U.S. citizens.

The U.S. State Dept. noted that as of Feb. 2, 2005, the U.S. embassy in Monrovia has resumed processing orphan visas. The embassy had temporarily closed visa services due to a serious staffing shortage.

On Aug. 3, 2006...

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Date: 2011-01-19 18:55:37

Adoption Rocks for Alabama Adoption Help

Adoption Process Alabama

Not sure where to turn when it comes to adoption? Adoption Rocks is the right place to start! Adoption Rocks is dedicated to loving, embracing and enabling women who are seeking information about infant adoption as an option for their unplanned pregnancy. Adoption Rocks also supports those who seek to...

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Indiana Adoption Agency | Adoptions With Love

Adoptions With Love is a nationwide adoption agency specializing in Indiana adoptions since 1986. �Of the placements we make every year, over 25% take place in Indiana.� We are a licensed, non-profit adoption agency working with all expectant and birth parents across Indiana.

Our highly trained, compassionate social workers help pregnant women, birthfathers, and adoptive families navigate the...

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Mom in Russia Adoption Scandal Trying for Second Child ...


ABC News

Russia today suspended all adoptions of its children to U.S. families in the wake of an international adoption fiasco involving 7-year-old Artyem Saviliev.



The Tennessee mother who horrified the adoption community when she put her 7-year-old son on a plane back to Russia was in the process of trying to adopt a second child.

Torry Hansen had turned to a second adoption...

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How to Put a Child Up for Adoption | Adoption | Adopt My Baby

Putting a baby up for adoption is very easy, and if an open adoption is chosen, a mother may stay in contact with the family that adopts her baby.

4 Quick Steps to Put a Child Up for Adoption:

Contact us and get your completely free, 100% confidential counseling on adoption and help available

Choose the family that will adopt your baby

Have the baby

Speak With the Adoption Team ASAP

Your Name...

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Adoptions of Indiana

Adoptions of Indiana clients who are waiting to adopt are welcome to attend our, "While We Wait" dinner.� This is a wonderful opportunity to meet other waiting families, support one another, and share experiences with one of our adoption specialists.� If you are interested in attending, please contact�Allison�at to receive further information.

Relationships with Expectant and Birth Parents - Attorney Clients Only

05/18/2018 to 05/18/2018

Learn how to navigate the relationships between adoptive parents and birth parents by gaining a direct understanding from birthparents themselves about their needs and reasons...

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I’m Looking To Adopt - Catholic Charities of Northwest Florida

Christmas Connection

I'm Looking To Adopt

Deciding to adopt is the first big step. Figuring out where to go from there can feel overwhelming.

Catholic Charities�Adoption Services is here for you!

Since 1974, we have been active in the adoption community. We are a licensed child-placing agency with an experienced, professional staff that values you and your needs. Our fees are all inclusive. Our...

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Adoption Professionals | Cincinnati Adoption | Ohio Birth ...

Adoption Professionals is committed to providing pregnant women and teens with the pregnancy counseling and financial assistance you need so that you can make the best decisions for you and your baby. We facilitate an open adoption or closed adoption plan with the...

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Open Adoption: You Make the Choices - Open Adoption

If you are thinking of making an open adoption plan for your baby or child, Lifetime is here to help you find out more. Know that you have many choices and rights in making an open adoption plan, including choosing the adoptive family for your child and remaining in contact. If you have questions...

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adoption | for parents | Johannesburg | Jozikids

Find adoption agencies, support groups and organisations that can help you answer questions related to adopting a baby or fostering a child

A website about transracial adoption in South...

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Pregnancy Care & Adoption Service Center in Dallas Texas ...

Find Answers & Help / Online Information Request

Want to Adopt?

Moving You Closer to Your Dream

Post Adoption Services

Support/ Search & Reunion/ Records...

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Adoption Support Group: Kazakhstan Adoptive Families ...

Kazakhstan adoption lawyer

Hi everyone. We'd like to know if you know any lawyer/attorney in Kazakhstan that could help us adopting. The process would need to be an independent international adoption, due to...

Taldy Korgan Baby House

Hi. I am struggling to contact my son's...

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Adoption Services - South Dakota

Apply Online

Adoption Services

There are situations where the court places children outside of their home and in the custody of the Department of Social Services. Some children are not able to return home because of their parents' circumstances, and the...

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Join Adoptimist Today! - Meet Parents Who Want To Adopt a Baby

o View additional discounts & promotions .

Profile Quick Start / Checklist

o Save time & learn exactly what you will need in order to launch your profile quickly. Review our checklist .

o Home Study: You will need to submit signed verification of your home study in order to open your profile. Read our submission requirements .

Benefits Of Joining

Adoptimist offers the...

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Date: 2018-03-22 19:07:10

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Getting started - AdoptUSKids

For professionals

Getting started

Educating yourself, contacting an agency, and attending an orientation meeting are the first steps toward adopting and/or fostering

Although it costs little (if anything) to adopt from foster care, the process of becoming an adoptive or foster parent can be time consuming and requires persistence. On average, it takes from four to twelve months to complete the...

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Adoption Law: United States | Law Library of Congress

Principles of State Adoption Law


Adoption in the US is mostly governed by state law, although federal constitutional principles and limited federal statutes may come into play.� General features of adoption law that are common across states include the complete vesting of parental rights with the adoptive parents, the requirement of consent, the best interests of the child...

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Home - Catholic Adoption Online

Catholic Adoption Online is the #1 place for women seeking Catholic families to adopt their children, or women of any faith who are looking for compassionate, non-judgmental help with an unplanned pregnancy.

We have been Building Families and Helping Women since 1986. We can help you, no matter the situation you are in. We have helped women from all walks of life, in all sorts of situations. You will find the help you need with Catholic Adoption Online.

Here's How it Works...

Call or Email Us . Feel free to browse our site or read about our adoptive...

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About Adoption | Placing Your Child For Adoption

Some people choose adoption when faced with a pregnancy. Information and support �is important, but the decision is personal and only you know what's best for you.

Why do people decide to place their babies for adoption?

If you're facing an unplanned pregnancy, you're not alone. About half of all women in the U.S. have an unplanned pregnancy at some point in their lives, and some decide to give...

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Date: 2018-03-22 10:00:08

Ten Step Overview | National Adoption Center

If you want to adopt a child from the foster care system in this country, follow these�10 steps to your new family!�

1.�LEARN�about Adoption

Being here is a good first step. Read through all of the information available here and in the All About Adoption sections. Check out our online course "Foster Family to Forever Family".

You may also want to look for books and magazines about...

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International Adoption Guide - Vietnam

Criteria for adopting from Vietnam

Vietnam does not permit adoptions from nations that they do not have a bilateral agreement with. There are however exceptional cases, where British families may adopt from Vietnam.

Adoption from Vietnam was suspended for all foreign nationals in January 2003, unless their country had a bilateral agreement relating to inter-country adoption.

At present...

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Adoptee Search – Kentucky Adoption Coalition

Can non-identifying information be released?

Can adult adopted persons request that searches be made for birth parents?

Can searches be made for brothers or sisters ?

Can a medical or genetic condition affecting an adopted person be provided to the adoptee?

How do you request Kentucky adult adoptee services ?

Are records kept of all inquiries?

Kentucky Adoption Laws require Kentucky's private...

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National Adoption Week | can you change a child's life?

National Adoption Week

16-22 October 2017

National Adoption Week - We all love our families; whether it's the ones we're born into or the friends we make for ourselves.

But it's easy to forget that there are others who aren't as fortunate as us.� This important week reminds us there are kids out there waiting to be taken in by someone who will make them part of their own family unit.

Have you thought about adopting?� There are over 2000 children in England with a range of ages who are waiting to be adopted as they cannot be brought up by their birth families.� To adopt you need to be over 21,...

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Date: 2018-03-21 10:18:02

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Domestic Infant - Gladney Center for Adoption

The Domestic Infant Program places infants of all races into the arms of loving families. This program serves families who wish to adopt an infant and women who have contacted Gladney to make an adoption plan.

Gladney's Domestic Infant Program offers:

Flexibility in the...

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