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How can I adopt a girl child from Iraq?

hi guys, I am an Indian, working and living in the United states. I want to help that war torn country (Iraq) by adopting a girl child from that country. That should inspire others from all over the world to come and save the girl children of that country. I am not understanding how to proceed in this matter.... show more hi guys,

I am an Indian,...

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International Adoption Guide - Iraq

Iraq does not permit international adoption

Iraq not allow adoption of its children by foreign nationals.

There is no adoption under Iraqi Law.�

As of�October 2005, there is only the system of guardianship which correlates to the Sharia Law of Kafala.

Iraq does not permit any international adoptions. They...

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Iraqi adoption - Blogging Baghdad: The Untold Story ...

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Blogging Baghdad aims to provide a dynamic look at the story behind the story of covering the news in Iraq. Online entries - from text to video blogs - will detail the realities of daily life for ordinary Iraqis, American troops and the media living and working in a 24 hour war zone.

Regular contributors include NBC News correspondents, producers and staff on...

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