South Korea | Dillon International

Dillon International also has a long history with South Korea. The agency began working with� Eastern Social Welfare Society �(formerly The David Livingston Foundation)�in 1972 to place children from Korea with U.S. families.� Working together, Dillon International and Eastern Social Welfare Society (ESWS) established a system of foster care for children waiting to be adopted.� This...

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Adopt a Child - Telugu Association of North America

Adopt a Child

What is ACE:

ACE is a TANA Foundation Project to help the academically good but economically poor students in Andhra Pradesh or Telangana to pursue higher education. A child completing SSC from a Government High School is 'adopted' and assisted through an annual scholarship program to pursue higher education till completion of undergraduate education in any branch. An ACE scholar...

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Foster Care to Success | Resources for Students & State ...

Below are some resources for foster youth, foster students and state workers.


Check out our page on national and state organizations, online and community-based foster care support groups as well.

Casey Family Programs : Casey Family Programs (based in Seattle, WA) is the nation's largest operating foundation focused entirely on foster care and improving the child welfare system. They provide...

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Adoption rates reach new low, state departments urged to ...

Map: Australia

Social Services Minister Christian Porter is calling on state child protection agencies to shift their attitudes towards adoption, with new figures confirming the adoption rate in Australia has reached a new low.

The latest Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report shows just 292 children were adopted in Australia last financial year, marking a 74 per cent decline since...

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LDS Adoption Connection

Research on Adoption and PASS

These studies and information are barely the tip of the iceberg. Because adoptions were closed and are rather recently trending toward complete and various stages of openness, researchers are still studying and postulating hypothesis and theories whether or not it truly is better to be open vs. closed. They're studying the effect of adoption on children throughout...

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Resources - Foster Care Alumni of America



During December 2014, the White House issued a fact sheet on� Improving Outcomes for our Nation's Foster Youth �with steps the Administration and its partners are taking to help support foster youth.

Looking for more information or ways to get involved? Here are some resources that will point you in the right direction.

Foster Parenting and Adoption

AdoptUSKids offers an array...

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EVIDENCE-BASED Practice | Social Work Policy Institute

Evidence-Based Practice: Young Children with Challenging Behavior is funded by the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs to raise the awareness and implementation of positive, evidence-based practices and to build an enhanced and more accessible database to support those practices.

Child Trends

Child Trends is a nonprofit, nonpartisan...

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