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Post-Adoption Support Efforts in North Carolina

Post-Adoption Support Efforts in North Carolina

To succeed with children adopted from foster care, the majority of whom have special needs, families need ongoing support in various forms (Kramer & Houston, 1999). Indeed, there seems to be a strong relationship between post-adopt supportive services and the health, well-being, and stability of adoptive families (Freundlich & Wright,...

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Date: 2011-07-01 14:15:13

What Can I and My Agency Do to Improve Recruitment?

Many agencies are partnering with their resource parents and/or parent groups to help in recruiting. Parents handle initial inquiries, participate in home visits, are part of the training team and provide support to new parents during the process. Agencies that do this are modeling the team process from day one.

8. Collaborate with other community workers and organizations. Networking...

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Date: 2008-06-20 18:39:07

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Separation, Loss, and Foster Parent Retention

July 1997

Separation, Loss, and Foster Parent Retention

Foster parents are in a tough position. On the one hand they are expected to welcome unfamiliar children into their homes, invest in them emotionally and physically, and help them through a difficult time.

On the other hand, this intense investment is supposed to be temporary. When the...

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Date: 2000-05-08 14:38:00

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NC Kids Adoption and Foster Care Network

Let NC Kids Help You!

NC Kids is a partner, not a competitor. NC Kids is a state-sponsored organization that recruits foster and adoptive parents and supports child-placing agencies.

Encourage prospective adoptive parents to register with NC Kids. By registering, these families may have a better chance...

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Date: 2011-06-30 20:35:23

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