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Independent Adoption Center (IAC) Reviews: Adoption ...

Independent Adoption Center (IAC) Reviews

Posted by Intended Parents to Adoption Agencies (Reviews) on Sep 14, 2014 at 6:04pm | 12 Comments | Post a reply


I mentioned this on another thread. I just attended one of their seminars and was amazed to see that the placement numbers they quoted were an average from 2006-2012 - very prolific years for adoptions.

I asked the SW about the slowdown...

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Older Child Adoption: Deciding to Adopt Older Children ...

Meet the winners , Annalyse and her dad, and the finalists.

Adoption Blog: Man Up!

Are You My Mommy? The Question That Inspired Us to Adopt an Older Child

Filed Under: Adoption Journeys , Infertility and Adoption , International Adoption , India Adoption , Parenting Adopted Children , Parenting Older Adopted Kids , Personal Adoption Stories

We had been at Ashraya, our son Manu's Children's Home...

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Adoption Support Group: Waiting to Adopt - Adoptive ...

Florida resident new to to adoption

Hello everyone! My husband and I have been thinking about adopting for a year now. We finally decided to get started on our journey. But we're having a hard time...

Hurry up and wait

Hello. We are new to this group. We are towards the end of the homestudy process and have one more day of training before we graduate. Our second of three...


Can some of you share how long it took to adopt?

Waiting patiently to adopt

Hello all -...

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adoption celebrations for older kids: Older Child Adoption ...

we will soon be adopting 3 siblings (thru foster-adopt) & I would like some "unique" ideas for a party to be given in their honor the day after the actual adoption. Have any great ideas anyone?? The kids are 4, 6 & 8 and will be adopted in November on Nat'l Adoption Day in the midwest. TKS!!!!!!!!!


Congratulations! We celebrated the adoptions of two children from fost/adopt with an...

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Nightlight Christian Adoptions: Adoption Agencies (Reviews ...

Adoption Agencies (Reviews)

Nightlight Christian Adoptions

Posted by kts0621 to Adoption Agencies (Reviews) on Jul 10, 2013 at 9:58pm | 6 Comments | Post a reply

Has anyone worked with this agency, specifically the Greenville, SC office? If so, do you mind sharing your religious affiliation? I do not belong to a specific church, but they seem welcoming to all people.


We are with...

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Adoption Support Group: Kazakhstan Adoptive Families ...

Kazakhstan adoption lawyer

Hi everyone. We'd like to know if you know any lawyer/attorney in Kazakhstan that could help us adopting. The process would need to be an independent international adoption, due to...

Taldy Korgan Baby House

Hi. I am struggling to contact my son's...

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China Adoption - Adoption Blogs - Adoptive Families

Farewell to The Yin and the Yang

One year and nine months ago, I posted the first entry of The Yin and the Yang on AdoptiveFamiliesCircle. The post, titled "Best Laid Plans," introduced our family formed by...

Missed Moments in an Adopted Child's Life

On this any old morning, I awake with my daughter Hanna, adopted from China, sleeping curled against my shoulder. She had a bad dream and tiptoed...

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Adoption Groups: International and Domestic | Adoptive ...

For parents of children--of all ages--born domestically.

Please read our guidelines before posting.

1100 Members

Adoption Agencies (Reviews)

Use this group to share your experiences with adoption agencies you have worked with. In order to make your review as helpful as possible, please indicate when you adopted (adoptions...

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Personal Adoption Stories - Adoption Blogs - Adoptive Families

Facing a Possible Adoption Disruption After Bringing Sweet Pea Home

During the adoption process, most prospective adoptive families feel as though they are on a rollercoaster of emotions, with lots of ups and downs along the way. One moment there...

"For 12 Days, I Got to Be Your Momma"

Important Note: I find...

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Adoption Blogs by Adoptive Parents | Adoptive Families ...

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Mandantory Viewing: "Off and Running," a Documentary About Transracial, Lesbian Parenting

I see some amazingly important and kept up to length of your strength searching for...

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