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How to become an adoptive parent | Adoption & Fostercare

How to become an adoptive parent

Initial enquiry

If you wish to pursue your interest in adoption you should contact the adoption team in your local Trust area, contact the Regional Adoption and Fostering Service on 0800 0720 137 or enquire online to request a meeting with a social worker. You also have the option of pursuing your interest in adoption with the two voluntary adoption agencies...

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Children who need adoptive families | Adoption & Fostercare

Most children who need an adoptive family are in foster care. The most common reasons for this are neglect or abuse (physical, sexual, or emotional), their parents may have addiction problems, poor physical / mental health or simply a lack of skills and knowledge required to parent their child.

Understandably, children who have lived through such experiences are confused and hurt and...

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Adoption support groups | Adoption & Fostercare

Adoption support groups

Adoption support groups are run by Adoption UK. There are nine Adoption UK support groups in Northern Ireland each meeting four or five evenings a year in Antrim, Ballynahinch, Belfast, Coleraine, Cultra, Enniskillen or Omagh, L/Derry, Moy and Newry.

You will be made welcome at whatever stage of the...

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Adoption - Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland



Read about the real experiences of HSC adopters and find out about some of the children across Northern Ireland who are waiting for a family for life.

Click on the menu buttons to the left from What is adoption? to...

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Children who wait longer for adoption | Adoption & Fostercare

Children who wait longer for adoption

To give all our children a family for life we need adopters for children with complex needs.

Click on the links below to read profiles of children with complex needs who wait longer for...

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Adoption & Fostercare | Will you brighten up a child's world?

We recruit and support foster carers and adopters across the five HSC Trusts in Northern Ireland. We are committed to providing learning and development opportunities for all our...

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Fostering support groups | Adoption & Fostercare

Fostering support groups

Regular support groups provide much needed opportunity to talk about fostering issues with other carers. Foster carer support groups are often attended by carers who...

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