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How To Adopt | Adoption Council of Ontario

How to Adopt

The first step of your adoption journey is educating yourself about the process and options. The good news is that you have come to the right place for that. If you decide that adoption is in fact right for you, how you proceed will depend on which type of adoption you seek to pursue.

If you are looking for more information on how to decide which kind of adoption is for you, the...

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Private Adoption | Adoption Council of Ontario

Private Adoption


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Public Adoption | Adoption Council of Ontario

Public Adoption


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I Want to Place My Child | Adoption Council of Ontario

I Want to Place My Child

Expectant parents who are experiencing a pregnancy may want to explore adoption as an option for their child.

Expectant parents who are exploring adoption as an option have lots of questions. It is important to know that you can ask these questions without fear or pressure. Expectant parents can call either a private adoption licensee or a local Children's Aid Society to...

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Permanency and Adoption Support Services | Adoption ...

Permanency and Adoption Support Services

The ACO with the support of the Circle for Children Foundation, is providing a clinical post adoption/permanency social work service to the adoption community.

Changing the Script- Relationship is The Key й


- veteran adoptive parent

JoAnne Dumaresq.

Adoptive parents, especially those who are raising...

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Reunion and Reconnection | Adoption Council of Ontario

Reunion and reconnection can be a very positive experience, but it can also be stressful and confusing and is certainly not a decision to be undertaken lightly.

Before You Connect

Not only is it difficult to anticipate the emotions that reunion will induce in you, it is also important to remember that you will be forging a new relationship with someone whose life experience is likely quite...

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Birth Parents’ Rights and Responsibilities | Adoption ...

Birth Parents' Rights and Responsibilities

The rights of a birth parent are heavily dependent on whether the adoption was an open one and what terms were spelled out in the openness agreement. In an open adoption birth parent will generally have the right to have ongoing information about the adoptee through direct contact with the adoptive family. Further, it is not uncommon for an openness...

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Adoption Training | Adoption Council of Ontario

Adoption Training

There is a mandatory training course called Parent Resources for Information, Development and Education (PRIDE) for all adoptive applicants in Ontario. It is a 9-module, 27-hour educational program that is interconnected with the homestudy process.

Private PRIDE sessions are offered on a variety of schedules, including evening and weekend sessions. Prospective adoptive parents may enrol in any PRIDE session that is convenient to them. Whenever possible, applicant participation in the adoption training program should be coincide with their adoption homestudy. The PRIDE...

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