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Foster Children | Help a Foster Child today.


Foster to adopt

Be a respite provider for foster parents, to care for children in the foster parent's absence.

or, Volunteer to drive foster children to therapeutic appointments. 

Foster parents receive money from the State to assist with the care of foster children.  The children's medical and dental are covered by the State. 

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Adoption and Foster Children | Spokane, WA

Search and Reunion

There is no such thing as an unwanted child.  Every child is indeed wanted by someone, and every child can bring joy to a family.

Many children have suffered abuse or neglect before being removed from their parents' homes.  They carry the memories of their childhood abuse into the foster care system where they are moved from home-to-home and are sometimes mistreated again.  This instability causes many foster children to struggle throughout their lives with depression, education, employment and money problems.  


Washington has more than 10,000 children in foster...

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Foster Children | Help a Foster Child today.

There are approximately 10,000 foster children in Washington, although nearly a third of those are placed with relatives rather than foster homes.  Monthly state stipend given to foster families, per child, is $369-$1300, based on a child's age and level of need.  Foster parents are reimbursed by the state on a sliding scale for the costs of taking in abused or neglected children who need a...

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