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Become a Foster Parent - County of Sonoma, California

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Become a Foster Parent

Foster parents are also known as Resource Families. Resource Family Approval is the State of California process that an adult, relative, family friend or adoptive family completes to be certified to provide a caring home for foster children and youth.

Foster parents must meet certain requirements prior to State approval (see partial list below). A Family, Youth and Children's Division social worker will guide you through the approval process.

Steps to Becoming a Foster or Adoptive Parent

Attend an Information Meeting to explore whether foster care is right for you. You will receive...

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Support for Foster Parents

Child Welfare Professionals

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National Adoption Month: More Adoptive Families Needed

November is National Adoption Month, a time both to celebrate adoptive families and to stand in solidarity with the many children still seeking the stability of a permanent home. This November is especially significant in Sonoma County, as responsibility for adoptions - previously held by the California Department of Social Services - has been assumed locally, by the Human Services...

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Sonoma County Foster Care Agencies

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Sonoma County Foster Care Agencies


Through no fault of their own, each day between 50-75 Sonoma County foster children and teens need a safe place to live.

Most just need a temporary haven while their parents get...

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Foster Care Protects Children - Sonoma County, California

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Foster Care Protects Children


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Annual Report 2016 - Sonoma County, California

Field: $2,719,005

Spay & Neuter: $144,598

Expenses reflect all costs associated with caring for animals in the shelter, out in the community, through services provided within our jurisdiction, and to Sonoma County residents in general.*

Rabies control is included in Field Services.

*All financial data is from the 2015-2016 fiscal year.

Recommendations & Rules

Keep us all safe!

RABIES is Real....

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Rule 16 - Adoption and Amendment of Rules

Section 16.2 - Amendment

Section 16.1 - Adoption and Effective Date

These rules, having been adopted by majority vote of the Civil Service Commission of the County of Sonoma on October 2, 1991, shall be in full force and effect from and after October 16, 1991, and shall supersede...

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