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Adoption tax credit - Wikipedia

[tax deduction]


From 1997 to 2001 a special needs adoption qualified for up to $6,000 of adoption tax credit. [5] From 1981 to 1996 a $1,500 itemized tax deduction existed for special needs adoptions only. [6]

The Contract with America document released during the 1994 election campaign included a proposed Family Reenforcement Act which included language about tax incentives for adoption...

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Child and Family Services Review - Wikipedia

Child and Family Services Review

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(September 2014)

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The Child and Family Services Reviews (CFSR) are conducted by the...

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Child and family services - Wikipedia

Child and family services have significantly developed over the last few centuries. Many different forms of help for children and families in need were offered throughout the community. Today we have many different agencies to help with the welfare and survival of many children and their families. However, years ago, many people relied on their community and religion to get them through tougher...

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Putative father registry - Wikipedia

Child Welfare, Information Gateway (30 June 2010). "The Rights of Unmarried Fathers" . U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Paternity Registries .



"Because registries apply to minors under the age of 18 the words "male / female" have been used instead of "men / women" which would imply only adults".


Notice, Public (28 December 2001). "Public Notices, Legal Notice" . The Rochester...

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International labor standards - Wikipedia

Early history[ edit ]

The concept of protecting workers from the perils of labour environments dates all the way back to 14th-century Europe. [5] The first example of the modern labor rights movement, though, came in response to the brutal working conditions that accompanied the onset of the Industrial Revolution in the 18th and 19th centuries. [5] In 1802, the Parliament of the United Kingdom...

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Adoption and Safe Families Act - Wikipedia

The Adoption and Safe Families Act (ASFA, Public Law 105-89) was signed into law by President Bill Clinton on November 19, 1997, after having been approved by the United States Congress earlier in the month. [1]


6 External links

Background and passage[ edit ]

ASFA was enacted in an attempt to correct problems inherent within the foster care system that deterred the adoption of children...

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Language of adoption - Wikipedia

your own child

birth child; biological child

Saying a birth child is your own child or one of your own children implies that an adopted child is not.

child is adopted

child was adopted

Some adoptees believe that their adoption is not their identity, but is an event that happened to them. ("Adopted" becomes a participle rather than an adjective .) Others contend that "is adopted" makes adoption...

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Great Wall China Adoption - Wikipedia

Great Wall China Adoption is an adoption agency based in Austin , Texas . It is non-profit and accredited by the Council on Accreditation (COA). [1] The specialty of this organization is placing orphan...

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PetSmart - Wikipedia

The PetSmart in Harmon Meadow Plaza in Secaucus, New Jersey .

PetSmart opened for business on August 14, 1986 and opened its first two stores in August 1987 [5] under the name PetFood Warehouse in the Phoenix area. In 1989, the name and logo changed from PetFood Warehouse to PetsMart. PetsMart continued to grow and in 1993 went public on the NASDAQ stock exchange listed under the symbol "PETM"....

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South Korean nationality law - Wikipedia

South Korean nationality is automatically acquired in a number of ways: [2]

By being born to either a South Korean national father or South Korean national mother after 13 June 1998, or to a South Korean national father before then.

By being born in South Korea to parents who are stateless, or being found abandoned within the territory of South Korea as a child.

By being acknowledged by a South...

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Dima Yakovlev Law - Wikipedia

Voting for the law in Russian Parliament[ edit ]

In Duma in first reading one was against ( Ilya Ponomarev ); in second reading 4 against ( Ilya Ponomarev , Dmitry Gudkov , Valery Zubov , Sergei Petrov - all from " A Just Russia " faction); in third and last reading - 8 against (same plus Andrei Ozerov from "A Just Russia", Oleg Smolin and Zhores Alferov from Communist Party of Russia , Boris...

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Families for Russian and Ukrainian Adoption - Wikipedia

Families for Russian and Ukrainian Adoption

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(January 2018)

Families for Russian and Ukrainian Adoption


Hope, Help, and Community for Adoptive Families


Legal status

Families for Russian and Ukrainian Adoption (also known as FRUA) is a United-States-based...

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Foster care in Canada - Wikipedia

*rate per 1000 youth in care

**Note: Children with disabilities are eligible for protective services until age 19.

Cases[ edit ]

Cases are filed though individual provinces Social Services departments. Cases are filed primarily for child abuse or neglect; child abuse is the physical or psychological mistreatment of a child by an adult. This includes physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional...

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Roman Catholic Diocese of Toledo - Wikipedia

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Toledo ( Latin : Dioecesis Toletana in America) is a Roman Catholic diocese covering nineteen counties in northwestern Ohio . It is a suffragan see of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati . The See city for the diocese is Toledo . The eighth and current Bishop of Toledo is Daniel Edward Thomas . Our Lady, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary Cathedral is the mother church of the...

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Holt International Children's Services - Wikipedia

Holt International Children's Services (HICS) is a...

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Employee benefits - Wikipedia

Managerial perspective[ edit ]

The Bureau of Labor Statistics, [3] like the International Accounting Standards Board, [4] defines employee benefits as forms of indirect expenses. Managers tend to view compensation and benefits in terms of their ability to attract and retain employees, as well as in terms of their ability to motivate them. [5]

Employees - along with potential employees - tend to...

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Trap-neuter-return - Wikipedia

U.K.[ edit ]

The earliest documented practice of trap-neuter-return was in the 1950s, led by animal activist Ruth Plant in the U.K. [11] :2 In the mid-1960s, former model Celia Hammond gained publicity for her TNR work [11] :2 "at a time when euthanasia of feral cats was considered the only option". [12] Hammond "fought many battles with local authorities, hospitals, environmental health...

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Foster Child (2007 film) - Wikipedia

Plot[ edit ]

Thelma (Cherry Pie Picache), together with her husband Dado (Dan Alvaro) and teenage sons Gerald (Alwyn Uytingco) and Yuri (Jiro Manio), are an urban poor family hired by a local foster care facility to provide temporary home and...

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Ministry of Community and Social Services - Wikipedia

The Ministry of Community and Social Services in the Canadian province of Ontario is responsible for social services such as welfare , the Ontario Disability Support Program , and community service programs to address homelessness , domestic violence , spousal support , adoption , and assisted housing for people with disabilities. The Minister of Community and Social Services in the provincial...

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Candace Newmaker - Wikipedia

History[ edit ]

Candace was born in Lincolnton, North Carolina to Angela and Todd Elmore. At a young age, she and her younger brother Michael and sister Chelsea were removed from the home for neglect and separated by social services . When she was five, her parents' parental rights were terminated. Two years later she was adopted by Jeane Elizabeth Newmaker, a single woman and pediatric nurse...

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Give It to Me Baby - Wikipedia

"Give It to Me Baby"


"Give It to Me Baby"


"Give It To Me Baby" on YouTube

"Give It to Me Baby" is a song written by American singer Rick James . Taken from his album Street Songs , the song charted on the Billboard Hot 100 , spending two weeks at No. 40 and spent five weeks at No. 1 on the R&B chart . [1]...

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International Statistical Classification of Diseases and ...

The International Classification of Diseases (ICD) is the international "standard diagnostic tool for epidemiology , health management and clinical purposes". Its full official name is International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems. [1]

The ICD is maintained by the World Health Organization (WHO), the directing and coordinating authority for health within the...

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Irish nationality law - Wikipedia

Irish nationality law.

In March 2004, the government introduced the draft Bill for the Twenty-seventh Amendment of the Constitution of Ireland to remedy what the Minister for Justice, Michael McDowell, described as an "abuse of citizenship" whereby citizenship was "conferred on persons with no tangible link to the nation or the State whether of parentage, upbringing or of long-term residence in...

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Law of Louisiana - Wikipedia

Regulations[ edit ]

Page 3 of the January 2015 Louisiana Register

The Louisiana Administrative Code (LAC) contains the compilation of rules and regulations ( delegated legislation ) adopted by state agencies. [4] The Louisiana Register is the official journal of regulations and legal notices issued by the executive branch. [5]

Judicial opinions[ edit ]

Since 1972,[ citation needed ] there is no...

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Give Me One Reason - Wikipedia

Lyrics/style[ edit ]

The song is a classic twelve-bar blues , both in musical structure and the repeated lyrics in each verse and chorus. It is the story of an ending relationship, and a plea from the narrator to her partner for the partner to convince her to remain, to "give me one reason to stay here, and I'll turn right back around." At the end of the song, the partner is apparently given voice...

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Child tax credit - Wikipedia

Germany[ edit ]

Germany has a programme called the "Kinderfreibetrag"  ( de ) which functions as a tax credit. The child allowance is an allowance in German tax law, which a certain amount of money is tax-free in the taxation of parents. In the income tax fee paid, child benefit and tax savings through the child tax credit are compared against each other, and the parents pay whichever results in...

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Technology acceptance model - Wikipedia

History[ edit ]

TAM is one of the most influential extensions of Ajzen and Fishbein's theory of reasoned action (TRA) in the literature. Davis's technology acceptance model (Davis, 1989; Davis, Bagozzi, & Warshaw, 1989) is the most widely applied model of users' acceptance and usage of technology (Venkatesh, 2000). It was developed by Fred Davis and Richard Bagozzi ( Davis 1989 , Bagozzi, Davis &...

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International Building Code - Wikipedia

Foundation, wall, and roof construction

Fire protection systems (sprinkler system requirements and design)

Materials used in construction

Already existing structures

Means of egress (see below)

Use of the term International: "Calling it 'international' keeps it from being called the 'U.S. Building Code.' explains Bill Tangye, SBCCI Chief Executive Officer. "Some U.S. Model codes are already used...

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Federalism in India - Wikipedia

Legislative powers[ edit ]

The power of the states and the Centre are defined by the constitution and the legislative powers are divided into three lists. i.e. [2]

Main article: Union List

Union List consists of 100 items (previously 97 items) on which the parliament has exclusive power to legislate including: defence, armed forces, arms and ammunition, atomic energy, foreign affairs, war and...

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International Council for Harmonisation of Technical ...

The International Council for Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Pharmaceuticals for Human Use (ICH) is a project that brings together the regulatory authorities of Europe , Japan and the United States and experts from the pharmaceutical industry in the three regions to discuss scientific and technical aspects of pharmaceutical product registration.

The purpose of ICH is to reduce or...

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Animal shelter - Wikipedia

See also: Category:Animal shelters in the United States .

In the United States there is no government-run organization that provides oversight or regulation of the various shelters on a national basis. However, many individual states do regulate shelters within their jurisdiction. One of the earliest comprehensive measures was the Georgia Animal Protection Act of 1986. The law was enacted in...

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Give It Up (KC and the Sunshine Band song) - Wikipedia

Cover versions[ edit ]

In 1993 it was covered by Danish dance group Cut 'N' Move , whose version went to number one on the Australian ARIA Chart in February 1994. Cut 'N' Move covered the song again in 1997 for Dancemania Covers .

In 1998, the song was covered by Québécois singer Jacynthe . Both as a solo cover version, one in French, and one as a collaboration with K.C himself.

The song was covered by Captain Jack in 2003 on their album Party Warriors .

It was covered by the German pop band beFour on their 2008 album We Stand United .

It was covered by Annie Lennox and Chrissie Hynde during a live...

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International - Wikipedia

6 Sources

Origin of the word[ edit ]

The term international was coined by the utilitarian philosopher Jeremy Bentham in his Introduction to Principles of Morals and Legislation , which was printed for publication in 1780 and published in 1789. Bentham wrote: "The word international, it must be acknowledged, is a new one; though, it is hoped, sufficiently analogous and intelligible. It is...

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Single transferable vote - Wikipedia

See also: Comparison of the Hare and Droop quotas

STV systems primarily differ in how they transfer votes and in the size of the quota. For this reason some have suggested that STV can be considered a family of voting systems rather than a single system. The Droop quota is the most commonly used quota. This ensures majority rule (except in rare cases) while maintaining the condition that no more...

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National Council (Switzerland) - Wikipedia

Organisation[ edit ]

With 200 members, the National Council is the larger house of the Swiss legislature.

When the Swiss federation was founded in 1848, the number of seats was not yet fixed, but was determined by the population of the individual cantons . According to the provisions of the federal constitution at that time, a canton was to receive one National Council member for every 20,000...

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Adopted child syndrome - Wikipedia

Adopted child syndrome is a controversial term that has been used to explain behaviors in adopted...

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Flag Day (United States) - Wikipedia

History[ edit ]

Flag of the United States

Several people and/or organizations played instrumental roles in the establishment of a national Flag Day celebration. They are identified here in chronological order.

1861, George Morris[ edit ]

The earliest reference to the suggestion of a "Flag Day" is cited in Kansas: a Cyclopedia of State History, published by Standard Publishing Company of Chicago...

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Overseas Chinese - Wikipedia

Terminology[ edit ]

The Chinese language has various terms equivalent to the English "Overseas Chinese" which refers to Chinese citizens residing in countries other than China: Huáqiáo ( Chinese : ; pinyin : Huáqiáo) or Hoan-kheh in Hokkien ( Chinese : ). At the end of the 19th century, the Chinese government realized that overseas Chinese could be an asset, a source of foreign investment,...

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Hungarian nationality law - Wikipedia

Citizenship by birth and adoption[ edit ]

A person acquires Hungarian citizenship at birth if at least one parent is a Hungarian citizen. The place of birth is irrelevant.

Children born in Hungary to foreign parents do not acquire Hungarian citizenship at birth unless they would otherwise be stateless .

Minor children adopted by Hungarian citizens may apply and would normally be granted Hungarian...

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San Diego Trolley - Wikipedia

Santee Town Center

The creation of the Metropolitan Transit Development Board (MTDB) in 1976 with a clearly stated mission initially did not resolve differences between the many stakeholders. However, MTDB did analyze previous transit studies, and determined that the guideway system should satisfy the following principles:

Corridor should extend a long distance and offer high-speed operation


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Accountable care organization - Wikipedia

History[ edit ]

The term "Accountable Care Organization" was first used by Elliott Fisher in 2006 during a discussion of the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission . The term was included in the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act . [2] It resembles the definition of Health Maintenance Organization s (HMO) that emerged in the 1970s. Like an HMO, an ACO is "an entity that will be...

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Maltese nationality law - Wikipedia


Maltese citizenship was conferred at independence, 21 September 1964, upon persons born in Malta who had a Maltese-born parent.

Persons acquiring Maltese citizenship at independence generally lost their British nationality (Citizenship of the UK and Colonies) unless they had ties by way of birth or descent (father or paternal grandfather) to the United Kingdom itself or a place which remained a...

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English family law - Wikipedia

English family law concerns the law relating to family matters in England and Wales . Family law concerns a host of authorities, agencies and groups which participate in or influence the outcome of private disputes or social decisions involving family law . Such a view of family law may be regarded as assisting the understanding of the context in which...

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A Flintstone Family Christmas - Wikipedia

A Flintstone Family Christmas

A Flintstones Christmas Carol

A Flintstone Family Christmas is a 1993 animated Christmas television special featuring The Flintstones . It was produced by Hanna-Barbera and aired on ABC on December 18, 1993. The special was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award in 1994 for Outstanding Animated Program (For Programming Less Than One Hour) . [1] This is the only...

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Credit history - Wikipedia

10 Further reading

Credit history usage[ edit ]

There has been much discussion over the accuracy of the data in consumer reports. In general, industry participants maintain that the data in credit reports is very accurate. [3] [4] The credit bureaus point to their own study of 52 million credit reports to highlight that the data in reports is very accurate. The Consumer Data Industry Association...

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Nationally recognized statistical rating organization ...

A nationally recognized statistical rating organization (NRSRO) is a credit rating agency (CRA) that issues credit ratings that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) permits other financial firms to use for certain regulatory purposes. Originally, seven rating agencies were recognized as NRSROs, a number that dwindled as a result of mergers to six by the mid-1990s [1] and then to...

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Territories of the United States - Wikipedia

Territories of the United States

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This article is about the individual political entities currently or formerly called " United States territories". For the historical territories which became U.S. states, see Organized incorporated territories of the United States . For the various forms of U.S. jurisdiction, see United States territory . For maps of...

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October - Wikipedia

United States[ edit ]

The last two to three weeks in October (and, occasionally, the first week of November) are the only time of the year during which each of the "Big Four" major North American professional sports leagues schedule games; the National Basketball Association begins its preseason and about two weeks later starts the regular...

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Google Health - Wikipedia

Google Health was a personal health information centralization service (sometimes known as personal health record services) by Google introduced in 2008 and discontinued in 2011. [1] The service allowed Google users to volunteer their health records - either manually or by logging into their accounts at partnered health services providers - into the Google Health system, thereby merging...

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San Jose, California - Wikipedia

This article is about the city in California's Silicon Valley . For other uses, see San José .

San Jose, California

City in California

City of San José

Location of San Jose within Santa Clara County, California

San Jose

Location in the United States

Show map of California

San Jose (the US)

Show map of the US

180.52 sq mi (467.55 km2)

 o Land

177.51 sq mi...

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