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The four types of adoption | Dave Thomas Foundation for ...


The four types of adoption


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FAQ | Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption

Every child deserves a safe home and a loving family.

Q: What types of adoption are available?

Adopting a child from the U.S. foster care system, which is our focus at the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption

Adopting an infant in the United States

Adopting a child from another country

Adopting a family member (kinship)

Adopting a stepchild

Q: What are the qualifications to adopt? For example, do...

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About foster care adoption | Dave Thomas Foundation for ...

Adopt From the Foster Care System

Children waiting in the foster care system vary in age, from infants to young adults. The average age of a waiting child is seven and a half, and many have brothers or sisters with whom they should stay. The majority are healthy children who simply need and deserve loving and supportive adults in their lives.

Some children may have medical challenges, but these...

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5 reasons you won’t adopt from foster care, and why they ...

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"It's too expensive."

"Children in foster care are too set in their ways to blend in with my family."

"I'm not married, so I can't adopt, right?"

"I don't want to deal with the birth parents in my face about their child or deal with the child welfare system - it's all just too complicated!"

We hear these and similar comments all the time. It's good to consider all of the challenges and...

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Grantseekers | Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption

Wendy's Wonderful Kids grants

Wendy's Wonderful Kids is making...

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Wendy's Wonderful Kids | Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption

To date, we have found permanent homes for more than 6,500 children serviced by the Wendy's Wonderful Kids recruiters.

The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption awards grants to public and private adoption agencies to hire adoption professionals who implement proactive, child-focused...

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What parents need to know about the adoption tax credit ...

For example: a family pays qualified adoption expenses in 2010, 2011, and 2012 and then finalizes their adoption in 2012, they will file for 2010 expenses on their 2011 taxes, and the 2011 and 2012 expenses on their 2012 taxes.

You may have heard about families who have received refunds of their full ATC in 2010 and 2011. That is because in those two years, the adoption tax credit was refundable, which meant regardless of their financial situation they were able to use the full amount of the credit (note there is an income limitation for higher...

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School teachers adopt sibling group of 5

School teachers adopt sibling group of 5

A Wendy's Wonderful Kids Adoption

These five siblings witnessed significant domestic violence and were severely physically abused. Their biological mother suffers from mental health concerns. They were part of the child protection system for most of their lives, beginning in Chicago and then moving to Minnesota. This recruiter began working with the kids...

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