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Columbus Baby Adoption, Adoption Agency Atlanta, GA1322

Columbus Baby Adoption, Adoption Agency Atlanta, click this link,, learn how to find a loving, Christian home for your baby. Georgia AGAPE - a licensed, child-placing agency - has been helping birth mothers with unplanned pregnancies since 1970. Call them at 770-452-9995. Your privacy and confidentiality are guaranteed. Columbus Baby Adoption, Adoption Agency Atlanta.

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Adoption Forum

A closer look at foster parenting and adoption through the experience of a Catholic couple.

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Wild At Heart Great-horned Owl foster parenting

Orphaned baby owls get adopted by a Wild At Heart foster parent owl

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We are Patrick and Rebecca. We call Minnesota our home. If you are considering adoption please check out our website at You can contact us by email: or toll-free: 888-718-1060. Thank you for taking the time to watch our video.

Song: Let it Be Love

Artist: Cindy Morgan

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Illinois couple wanting to adopt

Couple wanting to adopt Illinois kids

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Adoption Connection asks adoptive parents what advice would you give waiting families?

Last year at our annual family picnic Adoption Connection asked some of our adoptive parents to tell us what kind of advice they would give other adoptive families waiting for the right open adoption match with a birthmother.

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Adopt From Africa 1

Do you want to adopt from Africa? Adopt From Africa is an organization that helps people to adopt from Africa without paying agency adoption fees. On average this saves families about $15,000. Visit our website to see if you qualify for us to help you adopt from Africa.

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